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So I took this order today. The lady called, I gave her the dimensions of the dumpster - TWICE - and before I started the order asked if she felt comfortable with the size of the dumpster. "Sure!" she said. "I only need a small one." We went through the whole order - her address, when she wants the tub, when she wants it picked up, how she was going to pay, where she was going to put it. EVERYTHING. Then - as I started going over the reminders - she stopped me. "No, it's not going to be big enough. I have a piece of wood thats 4x8 and it won't fit." Well, could she break it up? "No, I don't have the time for that." She cancelled the order and hung up.

I was also called a bitch by some lady under her breath when she went to get her credit card because she didn't want to pay for a tire. She then told me I wasn't helpful.

My futon is no no more. It had survive living in 5 different places and now is totally dead. It's currently in a dumpster bag in the back yard. Good to know that a 3 yard dumpster in a bag can hold a futon. Also good to know that Bryant Hardware is making a killing off those bags, selling them almost $6.00 over the retail price. I should have just bought one from the office. Also in there is a ton of boxes and clutter that, up until recently, had found a nice home in corners of my condo. Tomorrow I will tackle my clothes and put the ones that just don't fit in there (Don't worry - our company donates and recycles).

My essay is coming along but slower than I would like. I don't know what mental block I have but it's hindering me and I need to burst through like some awesome metaphor that I can't come up with at this moment. But that was just a simile. Nevermind.

Up next: Why everybody should start reading 100 Bullets for lo - it is mad awesome.
that's what we learned about today in my penultimate tai chi class, where to hit someone and incapacitate them. did you picture crushing "bitch" woman's skull? it's so NOT meditative, though.
dude- we never learn that stuff in tai chi! But we don't learn how to hit, really. There is an applications class where we can learn what each position does, and that's pretty cool.
Who is your comic pimp?
I'll be mailing the copies back to you soonish. Darn good reading but I end up talking like a gangster after a while.
Forget to tell me something yesterday?
Dude, I would have expected the Evil Chair of Doom (TM) would have gone first.
No - see, I sit in the Evil Chair of Doom every day. The futon though? Totally busted.