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I DID NOT move to the frozen tundra to have a warm wet December day. I could have had that staying in California - thankyouverymuch. It's almost Christmas and I want my snow damnit.

Another fabulous day as a customer service - 15 minutes of my life is totally lost due to a very, VERY pushy older guy.

"I need you to drive up on my driveway and put the dumpster right close to the garage, I don't want to walk too far." Okay, now we need a damage waiver signed in order to drive on the driveway. We can fax one to you, or you can print one off of our website, or you can handwrite one. "You see, I need this dumpster in a very specific place." </i> I understand that, but if you want us to drive on the driveway, we need a damage waiver signed.</i> "So if the driver sneezes and crashes into my house you won't pay for it?" Sir, I can read you what the damage waiver says if you would like. "I have a caller on hold, can't you just fax it to me?" It was hell. He wouldn't give me placement instructions but he wouldn't let me cancel the order and he was JUST A PAIN.

HOWEVER - Christmas came early because some lady is throwing out about seven dumpsters worth of dishes, vases, flower pots, etc. All in their original boxes and packaging. We don't know if the business is going under or if it's overstock. Either way, though, we win. The employees are getting first grabs, and then whatever left we're donating to charity. Dumpster diving rules.

Mad house cleaning still in full swing but I have a lot of clothes to sort through. Dumpster bag still holding up well. Essay continues to mock me. Mock mock mockity mock mock mock. Tai Chi tomorrow night. I need something to read.
I know what you mean about the lack of snow. I had snow out here and now it rains once in a while and re-freezes at night. Frickin weather.