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as fractalarch just pointed out, and newexperience reminded me a few posts ago - I have broken the 1000th entry. This is actually my 1001st post and it only took me six years (although most of the writing happened in the past four). So break out the balloons and champaign! Let's rock this post. How? Well, here's an idea...

Tell me something - anything. Tell me what you ate today, what your favorite birthday was, write me a drabble (fic of 100 words), give me the first stanza of a sestina, go wild.

Second thing I broke today? I broke the 50 mark. I have now lost 52.5 pounds and I am now under 250lbs. I haven't been under 250 for probably 11 years. This is BIG news. This is all new territory for me. The past 52.5 pounds were like walking backwards through the past 11 years of weight gain. Now I really am entering something new and exciting. This really is a new body I'm developing.

So! What weighs 52 lbs? (I'm rounding so the google search is easier)
This five year old girl!

This fish!

So yeah - go team me.

PS - I should have been more clear in my last post (I left out the word "may'): I have not lost my job, but I fear that I will because of being late.
I think lush is the best thing in the whole world. If there was no lush, i would die. I have never been more happy than to miss a flight and find a lush store in the airport.

I came home to Jezzy in FULL bloom, all 3 blossoms were open. At least someone welcomed me home with a big hug.
congrats hun, you've inspired me to get my lazy and therefore large butt back on that treadmill. I can't wait to take that sexy new body of yours shopping once you're back in Cali.
Congrats on the entry and not losing your job and the weight loss! =)

I'll tell you one of the things on your list -- what I ate today -- because I feel like being mundane like that:

Breakfast -- granola, yogurt, and fruit compote parfait and green tea

Lunch -- smoked salmon wrap from last night's dinner (it was freaking HUGE and the restaurant cut it on half on the plate -- it just SCREAMED "two meals for the price of one" -- man, I love it when that happens on my grad student budget) and mixed grilled veggies

And there shall be more delicious and nutritious goodness because I'm running a marathon in a day and a half, and I kind of need the fuel. =)

Also, Chanukah starts tonight, and will be over before official "Go to the movies and eat Chinese food day" (which most of the country calls "Christmas").

Also, John gave me the movie "Totoro" for my b-day and a plush Totoro for Chanukah. It was so cute that I had to squeal. =P