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So what do you guys do when you feel so completely and totally overwhelmed that everything seems hopeless?
Apparently scream at my apartment and try to work while crying.

*unhelpful hugs*
#1: For 30 seconds, remind yourself: It Will All Be OK. This is temporary, not permanent.

#2: Go down to the library and grab a book. I recommend The Shadow of the Wind. Engross yourself for a day.

#3: Relax. Do what you can. Each morning I hear Garrison Keillor's signoff for the Writer's Almanac and it's perfect: Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Do those three things first. Then deal with the rest.
I don't do much when I feel so hopeless... but when I get bored of my hopeless ness, I do something about it. And usually it involves something like this:

-practicing on my drum
-bike ride (and the weather isn't too poor for it)
-walk (if the weather IS too poor for biking)
-drink St. John's Wort tea. Yogi Tea makes my favourite St. John's. It always works if none of the others do the trick.
browse the lush website, and watch cartoons. A simpler time and simpler themes ... its hopeful
I usually just call a friend and do pretty much nothing until I have responsibilities or until I'm sick of not doing anything. Nothing motivates like the absolute drudgery of apathy.
Step 1: Don't die.

The rest pretty much takes care of itself. We have minor, if any influence.
I sit under a tree and feed squirrels.
drink. but that's probably not healthy. so instead, i suggest making lists and taking baths.
some of these suggestions are things that i do:
read a book,
watch something funny (like the office, british),
hang out with family or friends,
drink some wine (with family or friends),
listen to music really loud.
Crayola crayons + coloring book = instant therapy.
Usually I get down and ticked off at something or other, but later on in the day I tell myself that it's not that big of a deal, and that adverse situations can always be overcome.

Whether or not that's actually, true, of course...
you get hugs from friends, or from strangers, you cry a little, you write a lot, you try not to eat the world (or an entire pint of Ben&Jerry's) and then you... stare at the wall and pretend the world is perfect and shiny. Not very helpful, sorry. *hugs* When I feel overwhelmed and hopeless, I usually call Arbuckle and yell at him a little and it cheers me up.

-Go out for a really hard run
-Write in LJ
-Immerse myself in things I have to do
-Talk to a friend
-Do something to pamper myself