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1) The last call I took was a walk in who had no idea where the bag was, how big it was, or what was in it. Didn't care about the reasons why we have to know these things. Didn't listen to reminders. Gave me the money and left. Joy.

2) I have not been festive this year and it SUCKS. I haven't decorated my house, didn't get a tree, haven't started shopping. So right now - I am going to be so festive I SWEAT the essence of Christmas and shit out toy making elves. I will bleed peppermint oil. I am chalking my ipod FULL of happy holiday christmas music, grabbing Pearl, and we will JOYOUSLY frolic with the last minute shoppers. I will pull my hair back with a christmas-y decoration and I will be the fucking embodiment of the holiday season.

3) On Wednesday I rode the bus home that was completely packed. I stood in the aisle trying not to bang anybody with my purse and listened to the most amazing review of the movie, The Departed, by an amazing black man who kept his quarters in his ears.

"EVEYBODY DIE! They kill Jack, they kill Leo. Damn, only man make it alive is fuckin MARKEY-MARK!. And brother, I be tellin' you. I'm black, black power all the way, and brother - there aint no single black man in that whole movie. Eveybody white, there ain't no person of color seen at all. It's white on white crime! For once, we aint the bad guy!"

It was the best summary for one of the best movies I've seen all year.
We don't have a tree up at our place either. I think it's on the list of things to do tonight after work. Not my idea of fun after a 15 hour work day, but hey, it's Christmas. *grumbles* I only just started playing holiday music today. It's just an off year, I think.
That's gotta be a bit weird to force yourself into the "spirit of Christmas". Oh well, to each their own. Personally, I haven't the room for a tree, and since I'm going elsewhere this year, I don't see a need, either. That's the best part of being w/o a family of your own this time of year: you can mooch of the one who claims you as their own :-P