So - Feast of Kings shopping round 1 is done. I feel very good about my purchases. Still have tomorrow to do the wrap up, but I should be GOLDEN. My consumeristic nature eats kittens and puppies for breakfast.

So here's a story from my office building. We have four floors with one set of bathrooms on each floor. This means that half the time you have to use the bathroom, it will be occupied. Now there's this one lady who works on our floor who just won't close the bathroom stall door. So you can go in, see the stall door open, start walking in that "ohmygod i really have to pee" way, only to have to stop halfway because you see a pair of tiny feet and maybe a purse. Sometimes I can just go back to my office and wait a few minutes before going back to see if the lady has gone, but if I REALLY have to go, I'll just wait - how long can a person pee, right? Well - yesterday as I nearly walked in on the lady, I thought I'd wait. I don't make a noise, I don't tap my foot or sigh impatiently like some people do (why? Why do people get impatient like that? Why are their bodily functions more important than mine?) I just wait. Until she starts muttering to herself. She's talking to herself as she sits on the toilet and contemplates life.

I screwed my bladder to the sticking place and went back to the office FAST.

This is also the lady who makes the most GOD AWFUL smells in the bathroom and (according to some) will leave the stall with her pants not all the way up. I think she's the reason we have an automatic airfreshner in the bathroom now (one that really sucks, too).

And I realized that I am totally and completely addicted to Scrubs and will even chose it over The Simpsons.