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I leave for four days and come back to a winter wonderland

Finished my shopping for Feast of Kings! Went to the weigh in with a 3lbs loss, bringing me up to 57 LBS! (fish pictures will be posted soon). Came home and finished my essay for New College. Got all my stuff ready for New College admissions. Checked the folder no less than 10 times. Am petrified I've forgotten something. Went to bed.

Woke up, wrapped pressies, packed pressies, packed suitcase, started the shower, stripped to my skivvies, the doorbell rang. Who could that be? Should I ignore it? WAIT! Pressies from mom and dad! Throw on bathrobe and go down to front door. Two other residence also in the doorway. Also in their bathrobes. It's about 10:30 in the morning. PJ PARTY! Nobody brought crumpets. Sad.

Loaded up car, went to post office. Mailed all packages to California, Washington, and Virginia. Handed lady New College application. Tried to take it back but she wouldn't let go. Let my fate leave my hands and off to strangers. Slightly apprehencious. Kinda want to die. But not really.

Braved the misty/foggy/crappy weather and drove to GreenBay. Hung out with XingXing, Eric, Abby, Alli, and Sam. Played cranium in which Sam and I can read each other's minds. Won in six turns. We win at life. Gossiped with Abby until about 3am.

Woke up at the crack of noon and crawled into bed with Abby who was dying. It was hot. Went and kidnapped VVer - hung out with the boys downstairs. "YOU'RE SO TINY!" It was awesome. Went and barged in on Nick and MR who were naked in the shower. We like being an inconvenience! Chatted with them then went to get Abby some snotrags for her leaky nose. Poor dying Abby. Played Guitar Hero until my hand cramped. Went to the Knaw. Saw a TON of people and had an amazing time. Drank water but did not feel left out. Was so glad to see everybody.

Went back to the Alhambra Apts and hung out with drunk boys and drunk tracy. Showed off my mad tai chi skills and talked with Tracy about what it is and what it means to me. Lots of fun. Went back to Ab's at 3am.

Did not want to wake up but did - took my shower, packed my stuff, said goodbye to Abby who was burried under a mound of blankets and tissues. Poor dying Abby :( Drive was rainy and crappy. Stupid drivers not paying attention to the cars ahead. If I move to the passing lane THERE'S A REASON. Do not try to sneak around me, you will get stuck behind a semi and I will NOT let you merge. fucker.

Got into Milwaukee and hung with Carolyn. Got locked out of Apartment and went to Pizza Hut to get keys from her roommate. Went back to apartment, got ready, went to Night at the Museum. Great movie. Went to see CAKE! Kind of a lame opening band. Extreme Juggler nearly died. Well, maybe not. But did have a folding chair land on his head and he collapsed on stage. Was worried he was going to die when he road the 12ft unicycle while juggling flaming swords with a firecracker on his head. He did not. Was reliieved.

THEN CAKE!!! Cake played and it was 31 flavors of AWESOME. They started with Love You Madly - my favorite song and I've never seen them do it live. Nearly fell down the stairs to my death but was saved by my cat like reflexes. Have awesome bruises on my knees. Sang Auld Lang Sine with Cake and everybody else. Danced a lot. Had a great time. Soooo tired.

Drove home. Made it in 4.5 hours. I kick ass. Drive was bright and sunny and warm (comparatively speaking). Talked with Ben on the drive home. Might go tour a forge in Folsom when I'm home in March for a week. Got back to Minneapolis and OMG SNOW. WTF? It was bare when I left! crazy.

57lbs fish!!

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