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Thank you, Abby, for the photo!
Chick, you are looking good!!!!
Thank you! :)
(Deleted comment)
Thanks! Who's a rock star? MEG'S A ROCK STAR!
hehehehe thanks :)
(Deleted comment)
hehehe thanks! You need to visit so you can see the real deal ;)
(Deleted comment)
I actually don't think I'm gonna be gone this weekend. I will be going to tai chi though. But you can come down.
grats on the progress!!!
Thanks! I'm still working on it but I'm over half way to my goal!

What the hell kinda ghetto-ass DDR pad is that? I've owned dozens of them and I've never seen one like that.
You'll have to ask Abby - it was taken at her place.
You are looking FINE!

I love the shape of your face! It's glamchick. Well, it was always glamchick. But now it's Audrey Hepburn glamchick.
Abby says my head is shrinking and wonders if my brain is shrinking too!

I like the fact that I can see my neck, which is impressivly long (but makes holding a phone to my ear hard)
Holy sweet jesus! Congrats!
Thanks! We need a game/geek night soon!
You're doing great.

Also, hair looks slightly different. Dye job, or trick of the light?
Well, I had it dyed back at the end of August for a wedding I was in and haven't dyed it since. This is kind of a toned down red/regular hair color coming back. Normally it's brown but I believe was I supposed to be born with red hair.