Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

The ellipses is the William Shatner of punctuation

1) Tai Chi started back up after about a 2 week vacation. It was great to get back to the studio. We continued to practice jailhouse style, which I used when showing Brian, Tracy and Mo some tai chi moves this weekend. Next week the girls get to have some girl time and refinement. We don't know who our instructor is, but it's exciting.

2) Someone at tai chi finally noticed my weight loss. It was pretty cool and she had wonderful positive things to say. A few weeks ago I was feeling ambivalent about my progress. I was happy that I had been losing so much weight but still a bit upset that I am STILL FAT. Today, though, I'm enjoying my body more and more. I'm proud of the weight I've lost and even though I'm still overweight I'm genuinely HAPPY with how my body is looking and FEELING. Yay for me.

3) I'm actually not that worried about New College. I'm so glad that I even applied and got it out in the mail and everything. I just feel good that I made my deadline and that I followed through. Sure - if I get rejected I will be seriously hurt and devestated, but I actually followed through and set things in motion. This makes me feel really good.

4) I don't work tomorrow. I have to get my oil changed, do my laundry, go to Dr. Carol's and maybe hit up Joanne's. But also - VH1 is doing a megamarathon of America's Next Top Model. I may never leave the house.
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