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Things that make me happy

1) I got my vacation time OK'd by work. Expect to see me in the Sunny State March 23rd - April 1st. I can now plan what I'm doing.

2) So what kind of wedding does the Washington Post Express chose as it's Wedding of the Year? Is it a fluffy, over expensive wedding with a billion bridesmaids and over priced flowers choking the guests with their cultured scents? NO! It was my cousin's wedding that I went to in November - a small, lively, very touching and wonderful event held in an renovated barn with family and friends and amazing music (helped in part by pocket1). This is so awesome.

3) The only piece of mail I got today was NOT a bill, but the wedding invitation of my old coworker Cassandra. The invite is totally cute and I'm totally stoked. I'm so putting it up at work.

4) I got a package from my mom (okay, I guess I got TWO pieces of mail) that has a size 18 pants and a size 14 pants. I can't fit into the 14s yet, but I'm glad to know that perhaps by the time I'm on vacation I might! I held them up and thought WOW! Those are small.

5) I had a wonderful weekend with friends. Kevin came to the cities and he, Pearl and I hung out and were crazy. Antics included: Watching many episodes of Invader Zim, going to see Happily N'Ever After, my blunder of putting windshield wiper fluid in my coolant tank, a late night run to Walmart and watching Clue. It was a lot of fun.

6) I learned more of the sword form this weekend at Tai Chi. I'm feeling better with it, especially the whirlwind right move inwhich you twist in the air. AWESOME. And my parents will be coming in February for our New Years celebration and in honoring Sifu Ray's 30th year of teaching (which officially makes him a master now).

All in all - while it was a boring day at work, the day itself was really really good.
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