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My dreams last night were not all that memorable except for the fact that they had VIVID color. Now, I always dream in color (as far as I am aware) but last night was different. Last night I was just more conscious of the colors I suppose. The dreams were weird. The first one was sometime between 7pm-9pm when I actually refused to wake up from what was supposed to be an hour long nap so that I could finish it. It involved Dr. Who, tiny bright colored furry things, miniature DALEKs, and possibly ferrets. The second dream involved Alton Brown and Matt Hawkenson, a very odd parking garage and a lot of people I didn't know talking about sports as we all tried to figure out what to eat at a very posh restaurant. In my dream, the years were not kind to Matt. Very odd.

I can't tell you what was special about the colors of my dreams last night, only that they were vivid and textured, but also against a rather dark setting. Perhaps that was one of the reasons - the dark setting vs. brilliant colors. Who knows. But it is what I remember, so I guess that means something.

This weekend I started the quilt for David and Diana. The fabric I chose is batik patterns. The green is almost a tie-dye effect ranging from black to emerald. The blue is much the same with varying shades and a wonderful texture. The brown is kind of boring, but goes well with the others. I'm about 1/4 done with the cutting and should continue but I've been so lethargic as of late. All I want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep.

I wanted to EAT this past weekend. Just gorge myself on foods that I know are not good for me. Instead, I had a salad from McDonalds which soothed me quite well. I want to CHEW something, have that crazy mix of texture, spice and taste. However - I am determined to see this through.

Three people have commented on the fact that I am walking better. Jennifer said she couldn't recognize me because I wasn't hobbling. I didn't realize that I hobbled so much, but I guess I got used to the pain my ankle was in. It still gets stiff sometimes, but apparently it's so infrequent now that people really notice it in the way I walk. Or maybe I'm just carrying myself differently. I'm not sure. This whole massive weight loss is just so new to me that I don't know fully how to describe everything. I look in the mirror and still see a fat girl, but my old pants completely fall off my body if I put them on. WHUMPH! Off my hips and legs and down on the floor.

Every now and then I get these strange feelings of "this is all just fake. I'm not real and neither is my life." Perhaps it comes from reading too much metafiction or just that I'm changing my life around and I don't know exactly what's going to happen.
I was actually going to mention your "speed walking" as well.

I notice when we were in Walmart, that you were keeping up with my brisk pace. Normally with you, Janell, Dan ... the bigger friends, one has to slow their pace while walking. That wasn't a problem when you were here. Good jorb.
I can totally relate to your "still seeing a fat girl"... during my weight loss, it was so gradual from my own perspective that my only confirmation was the scale's output and the pants that wouldn't even stay ON let alone UP anymore.

Ya kick ass, lady!
we didn't do that during our coffee time. hum.

oh, and are you now on solid foods? that sounds like fun.