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How is it that on my day off I NEVER do what I should?

I should be working on my taxes, the quilt for David and Diana (doesn't that sound so lyrical?), cleaning, working on my resume, a multitude of things.

Instead, I am sitting in my chair in my bathrobe made from the skins of baby blue teddybears, chatting online and watching the snow fall. iTunes is playing my playlist of California songs and the cats are dozing on my bed like two furry slugs, waking only occasionally to tell me just HOW HARD it is to be a cat in this household and thus demand pettings. Poor things.

But I am doing online searches for apartments and jobs and in three minutes I'm going to take my shower and get ready for my visit to Dr. Carol's. I'm currently sloughing like a madwoman so who knows what the weigh in today will be. I tried to use my shiny new YWCA card on Monday, but it was closed due to MLK day. Tomorrow after work I think I'm going to go to their bodypump class. I like lifting weights and I need to build some tone and definition in my very flabby body. Weightloss is good, but tone is better.

Anyways - time for me to get all kinds of clean. I bought my tickets for my vacation and I will officially be in California starting at 11pm March 22nd - 1pm April 1st. People in the state - let me know where and when you'll be there and we can frolic.
so...fantom, do you have a message board already? Or just an LJ? you should check out my message board, I think you'd like it -

I don't have a message board and thank you for the invite! I shall sign right up. :)