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I don't know which show started this - it could have been Xena, followed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer - but musical episodes always make me insanely happy. Tonight - Scrubs has just completely won my heart with their episode "My Musical."

The writers of the show teamed up with the writers of Avenue Q (along with Stephanie D'Abruzzo who played in the original broadway cast) to create quite possibly my favorite episode ever. The music was great, the plot was beautiful, and they never broke the rules. They maintained their comedy and their seriousness throughout the whole show. It even had the mandatory "end of act one" musical medley. Not many musical tv shows keep that in and I thought it added a great touch.

Overall - This is an episode I think I'll be buying off of iTunes. It's just THAT awesome.
and you can find out anything from your poo.
I really, really liked tonight's episode. I will also be buying it off iTunes.
The writers of Avenue Q? Ok...i don't like scruns...but I just might have to watch that episode.