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20 weeks on New Direction and a total of 67 pounds loss. This brings me from 298.5 to 231.5.

So far, it's been quite the journey and I don't know rightly how to describe it. I've noticed strangers are talking to me more as I ride the elevator up to work or make eye contact with me as I walk down the street. It's as if I have become more approachable. I get supportive comments from people who know me and that always makes me feel good. It's amazing when even boys are noticing the weightloss (but then, with 67lbs loss, it's hard NOT to notice). I can stretch more in tai chi, move lower, bend easier, and I'm finding I can do more things with ease. It's really nice.

My weekly visits with Dr. Carol and her staff are always a joy - the office is so supportive. The other patients are amazed that I'm doing all this with out medication, just the supplements. My office is also really supportive and it's wonderful to me. I don't know if I could have been as successful with out all the positive response I've gotten from everybody. Even if it's just "wow, you are looking really good" from a friend I haven't seen in a while to all the comments I've been getting here on my livejournal. So thank you to all for your kind words of support of love. You guys mean the world to me!

So here's a 67lbs fish for you all to enjoy!

And here's also my 20 week weight loss graph, held up against an average of 3.5 week loss. (for the next 20 weeks, I may lower it to 2.5 or 3 lbs average seeing how the weightloss is slowing due to the fact that I need less calories to maintain my body weight)
dude, that fish needs dr. carol.
You are amazing!
I bet you smile a lot more, now that you're lighter, and that also makes you approachable. Or. People are just shallow? Hm. In any case, you have always been an inspiration. What drugs do other people do, btw? Curious...
I think I've always smiled a lot though, or at least I've been told. I've also always been big on eye contact and friendliness. Who knows - maybe I'm projecting something different now or people really could be shallow. Or a mix of both.

I'm not sure what other drugs people use, mainly because when I started I told Dr. Carol I didn't want any so she didn't tell me about them. It's mainly hunger suppressents while they are on the monitored food but I think there's other stuff too.