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I dyed my hair today. I haven't had it dyed since late August before Adam and Kaela's wedding. It's good to have it back again - all shiny and soft and beautiful. One of these days I'm going to order some caca rouge from Lush but I need to save my money - not spend it.

Speaking of spending money - I went to the movies this weekend with Pearl. We saw "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Donnie Darko" (director's cut). It was a very cold day yesterday and the line for Pan was pretty long. Pearl and I got there early so we were just outside the entryway. The line stretched down and around the corner. Then all of a sudden, two ladies - probably in their 60s - just saddled up to us and wormed their way to the door. WTF. There's a whole long line of people who are waiting and they feel that they get to stand by the door why? Because they are old? Hey - there were plenty of older folks in line waiting.

So I decided to be passive aggressive and started talking to Pearl about how rude it is to cut in line and we had a full discussion included memories we had and how our coworker Sarah once yelled at a lady for line cutting. The little old ladies were passive aggressive right back and started talking about how rude people are. It was a great show of true Minnesotan behavior. The cold brings out the best in us.

Overall, though, the movie was VERY good and I am VERY glad they have a big sign saying "This is not a kids movie and is RATED R FOR A REASON!" Yes - yes there is a reason. There were many scenes I was NOT okay with, but the beauty of the movie and the story really made it for me. It's very well acted and I love how they weave the two story lines together. Very enjoyable.

Later, at the midnight movie, we went and saw Donnie Darko and had a grand old time. There was a hipster indi-movie elitist who joined in our conversation with the drunk guy - informing him that no, the light rail was NOT in walking distance and he could either catch the 21 or the 6. Or, you know, you could just go to the bar that's on the corner.

PS - Dear Torrid: Ankle boots are not now, nor ever were, a good fashion idea. The leopard print ones you have on your website need to be removed and the pattern that made them burned so that future generations will never know of our past sins. Please. Please do this. *continues her hunt for cute shoes*
Holy Hideous Shoes Batman!!! My eyes!!! My eyes are BLEEEEEDING from the horror of hideous ankle boots!
I know - they are just BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD.


Sometimes I wonder what planet torrid lives on because it really can't be ours.
I liked the original release of Donnie Darko better than the director's cut - all the extra shit they added ruined it.
I saw the original release of Donnie Darko, but I don't know when it was or who I was with and I really could have been drunk at the time. Because of this, I had almost no idea what is different from the two versions.

How did the extra stuff ruin it? (meaning: I'm too lazy to rent the original version)
The original was more "indie." A little rougher, less mainstream music, etc. It was also required the audience to use more of their imaginations because less was explained. It didn't show pages from Grandma Death's book, for one, and it didn't have that stupid computer graphic overlay thingy during the climax when Donnie is travelling through time or whatever.

It was just more... special.
Hmmm, I may have to rent the original version just to compare. Hipster indi-elitist balked at lumping Donnie Darko in with indi films. I have no idea what to classify it as now, except maybe cult...
Where is Pan's Laberynth playing? Everywhere I've looked it's been listed in NYC and LA only.