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I soaked in the tub tonight and let all my frustrations and anxieties of this week seep out into green tea scented water. For about a half hour I lounged in the water, slowly turning into a giant pink prune while reading "The Long Halloween" - a Batman graphic novel by Jeph Loeb. I then used some of my Sooper Sekret buttercream stash that I have frozen in my fridge. Emperor of Ice Cream (which now sells at an unGODLY price) softened my skin up but good. Batman + shaved legs = perfect start to a quiet night.

I'm currently watching Batman Begins right now - and while it has some really good moments, I absolutely HATE the batmobile and Katie Holmes should never EVER be in a movie. Like, ever. Maybe now that she's Mama Cruise she'll stop acting and the world will be saved from her horrible "talent." Thank the good lord she's not in The Dark Night.

But even Katie Holmes can't fully ruin my good mood. My weigh in on Thursday went well - down another 1.5lbs. I'm waiting until I hit 70lbs to post a picture of a fish. I found some cute black flats at Heavenly Souls so now I actually HAVE cute black shoes. Someday, though, someday I will be able to wear totally cute clunky high heeled mary janes. Someday.

We'll be starting back up with the 5 day work weeks on Monday and my bank account couldn't be happier. I think I finally have everything I need to get my taxes done so I should do that this weekend. I also need to tidy up - my parents will be in town next weekend for the Tai Chi demonstration next Saturday. I'm excited - not only do I get to see them, they get to see what I've been working on for the past year.

I listen to SexyBack by Justin Timberlake WAY more than is feasibly healthy.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox is brilliant and they underutilized Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow. And why can't anybody in this movie pronounce Ra's Al Ghul the same way twice? Why? I think I'll follow up this movie with Sin City - a night of comic book movies.

And now it's time to put dream cream on my legs. Lush - why did you have to raise prices? You really are my heroin now. Why are you so expensive? WHY??!?!?
When you visit sometime you will have to come with to the Lush store!!!!! Yummy Lushy things!!!!!