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Dad text'd me around 2:30 to let them know they were on the ground. They called me at around 3ish to let me know they were on the lightrail headed to their hotel and so far it was going quite smoothly. I still had an hour and half left at work at that point, and my plans were to go home, get the UPS slip that said my LUSH package had been delivered and then try to get it at the UPS in NE Minneapolis, feed the kitties, and meet them at the hotel.

WELL - I get home at 5 and the UPS guy is RIGHT THERE just writing the slip for me! So I signed for my package, got inside, inhaled the wonderful aroma that is opening a LUSH package. I fed the kitties, called the rents, took out the trash and met them at the Marriott in Downtown Minneapolis.

After a brief adventure with the highway and some spur of the moment navigation choices, we finally made it to Know Fat! in Oakdale. Dr. Carol told me about the grille a month ago and I knew it would be a great place to take mom and dad. And WOW! We were NOT disappointed!!!!

I had the twin entree platter of turkey and chicken, with a sides of steamed broccoli and Mediterranean roasted veggies. It was sooooooooooooo good. Filled me up right to the top. One of the BEST things about the restuarant is that they provide ALL the nutritional information for you, on the menu and also on the receipt. You can also find it on the website too. In whole- this is how my meal breaks down:

Grilled Entree Platter:
Turkey: Cal 126 Pro 26 Crb 3 Fib 0 Gfat 1 Sfat 1
Chicken: Cal 179 Pro 31 Crb 1 Fib 0 Gfat 4 Sfat 1

Steamed broccoli:
Cal 28 Pro 3 Crb 5 Fib 3 Gfat 0 Sfat 0

Mediterranean roasted veggies
Cal 45 Pro 1 Crb 6 Fib 2 Gfat 2 Sfat 0

Cal 378 Pro 61 Crb 15 Fib 5 Gfat 7 Sfat 2

It's definitely MORE than I am used to eating, but I know I'll basically burn those calories off tomorrow during tai chi. I feel full but it's a good full. I savored the turkey and the chicken but almost inhaled my broccoli, it was just that delicious. The roasted veggies were amazing, but I couldn't finish them all. Mom and Dad were also very pleased with their choices and we all hope that this is a franchise that continues to grow.

Now I'm going to go take a quick shower and maybe use one or two of my new LUSH products. Tomorrow I'm taking the rents to tai chi practice and then tomorrow night is the big demonstration. I'm REALLY excited about it all.
There's a Know Fat coming to SF! I can't wait to try it.

I've heard talk of a law (I think in NYC) that would require nutritional info to be printed on menus alongside all items, and I think that's an awesome idea. People would no longer be able to claim ignorance, and it would at least get them to THINK about what they're putting into their bodies.
OMIGOD YAY LUSH...enjoy your stuff! =)

Also, sorry if I'm being a self-absorbed bitch, but do you think you could put detailed nutritional information under a cut? It's often really triggering for me.