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There's a law in Minnesota that states that, no matter what ethnicity the restaurant is, walleye must appear somewhere on the menu.

photo by Adam Bridge

This was one of the last courses served at the banquet. When the dish was presented, a moment of silence fell upon my table as we all just sat and let the neon glowing maraschino cherry eyes pierce our immortal souls. About four of us were brave enough to try it (even my mother let it pass) but we were all glad to give it to the poor lone meat eater sitting at the vegetarian table.

More pictures and a larger post will follow. I feel that the only way that I can fully express Saturday night is with the pictures. I'm still enjoying the night. I need to own it and let it be mine for just a little longer. But tonight I practiced my form with the new sword tonight and it felt right.
As promised I bring you Hug Wolverine Day by viciouswishes It is fab. Also I found this other thing well looking for this one.

Pope slash

Really. I'm not kidding.