I'm getting really tired of damn cold mornings.

I wouldn't mind if it was just zero for once when I left the house, but so far every morning this week it has been somewhere around -11 to -9 at 7:30 when I leave for work. I get out of bed anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30, already groggy and slow, but when I look at the thermometer my shoulders sag and I can feel the cold creep into bones. By the time I get home it might be all the way up to a balmy 5 or 10 above zero. Just once I'd like to walk outside and not have my snot freeze. It'd be nice.

I know - I know - you don't have to remind me. I VOLUNTARILY moved to a climate that is best suited for animals born with large furry coats or people who are generally masochistic in nature, neither of which I am. But if we could just get above zero or maybe even above 5 by the time I get to work, that would be just super keen. There are rumors it might be 20 degrees on Sunday. Pearl and I might go sledding seeing how I've lived out in the midwest for almost 8 years and never have. This apparently ranks as a travesty and something that needs - nay, MUST - be fixed. So we'll buy some cheap ass sleds from Target and have some fun. When I was at SNC, students would steal the trays from the caf and used those to go sliding down the banks by the river.

Right now I'm relaxing on the chair of death which now eats me every time I sit in it. I'm watching Mulan (the importance of which I will explain when I write up my big Tai Chi report) and pretty soon will have some pudding. Pearl and I are catching the 9:55 showing of Hannibal Rising because I am in some total need of being disturbed.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it.