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Idol thoughts are the tool of the devil?

Rudy Cardenas: He started the show and that's pretty hard to do. He wasn't BAD but he wasn't, you know, boss or anything. Kind of a little karaoke style.

Brandon Rogers: The only thing this guy has going for him is that "I can look deep into your eyes like a soul-sick puppy and make you melt in your pants, just a bit." This technique was seen last season with Ace and, while it didn't get him to the end, he did get pretty far.

Sundance Head: Oh good God, someone please put him (or possibly me) our of his (or my) misery. No, really, it was bad. Not just kind of bad, but the kind of bad that made me want to turn the channel because his awkwardness made me feel uncomfortable. He's off this week. Mark my words.

Paul Kim: All I can say is I love men who don't wear shoes. Don't ask me why, it's just plain sexy. Bare feet = hotness. And I swear I must have gone to high school with this guy or something, he looks really familiar.

Chris Richardson: Bad song choice and it was painful. The judges were all like "ooooooh, nice version!" and I was all "OMG MY EARS ARE BLEEEEEEEEEEDING!!!"

Nick Pedro: He wasn't great, but he was really sweet. I don't think I listened too well to him. This might be bad in the future.

Blake Lewis: This boy needs to make it to 80s night just so that I can hear him sing "Take on me." No, really, he does. Screw the beatboxing crap, the man was born to cover classic 80s songs.

Sanjaya Malakar: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Gayer than grandad's hat band. Gayer than a bevy of spring lambs. And while he's super sweet and has shown off his voice in the auditions, I think his sister sabotaged his act tonight because he was bad. Really bad. Painfully bad. His sister must be mad jealous of him. Poor sweet boy needs to listen to some jackson five and come back next week singing "Candy Girl" or something.

Chris Sligh: We have two Chris' in this competition. I shall call this one "I'm not Jack Osbourne." Anyway, I love him. I love him a whole lot. More than I probably should but dude - he's funny and he's chubby and he really has a good voice. I would not mind hearing him on the radio almost every other day for a solid month like I will if he wins this damn thing.

Jared Cotter: Dude - this fucker is tall. Because of this fact, he caught my attention. His song was alright - not really good or anything, and I just don't know. He didn't really stand out and I didn't see all that much potential in him. I would wager he might be gone this week.

AJ Tabaldo: Oh for cute. That's all I have to say. That, and he sang what Sanjaya SHOULD have sung. Seriously.

Phil Stacey: You know - I'm just not sure what I think of this guy. I think he's through to the next round but I don't know how long he will last.

I probably won't do a write up of the girls because tomorrow is tai chi and lost. I'll let Abby fill me in.
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