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Warm and squishy

Yet again, another great night at tai chi.

I've been having quite a run of really good classes. I don't know why either. Maybe it's because something inside my head is clicking, maybe it's just because we're learning more refinements (we've been doing this whole thing about postures that look the same but are actually different), perhaps it's because I've been learning more of the sword form, but I think the real reason is because I know I only have a few more classes left before I leave.

Tonight I was able to stay a full extra hour practicing the sword with a student instructor named John. We went all the way from "Skylark Flies over the Waterfall" to "Shoot the Goose." In total, from Saturday's class to tonight's, I've learned 38 new postures. On Saturday I went from "Fishing Posture" to "Meteor Pursues the Moon." That was 20 moves right there. I only have 14 left to learn. And then, again, a lifetime of refinement.

There were some postures that just felt so good when I did them. The body mechanics just made it feel like swimming on land. The ending of "To Drift with the Current" feels powerful; the ending of "Yak Sha Searches the Sea" feels calming. And then there's "Raise the Curtain" in which I keep trying to do "Junior Start of the Dipper" and end up all caddywhompus.

Have I mentioned how much I love the names of these postures?

I don't have the right words to explain why tai chi means so much to me, which is sad, seeing how I'm a writer and all. But sometimes the things we are the closest to we have the hardest time explaining. The closest I can come is that it's almost like a calling. Growing up catholic, we were always aware of listening to the call of the church, to listen to the call of dedicated worship. Some people really are called to the church, they know somehow that it was what they were meant to do. This is how I feel about tai chi. I don't know if one can be called to the form, but if it's possible - I know I have.
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