Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

The Votes Are In

I want the names of the people who thought Sundance sang better than Paul Kim (my beloved barefoot wonder) so I can hunt them down and force them to listen to his GOD AWFUL rendition of "Knights in White Satin" because seriously (Kevin don't laugh!) - he sucked BALLS. And Come on - Paul totally rocked his farewell song. That's the song that usually makes the artist crack on all the notes because they are holding back their shattered hopes and dreams. And Paul? He kicked it hard core while I hope Sundance stood on the side and thanked whatever deity fell asleep on the watch and allowed him to get through to the next round.

As for the women - well, I didn't watch last night. Abby gave her a six and the judges said she was good but didn't stand out. She did really well on her farewell song though. So there's that. I hope she finds an outlet someplace else.

Now I'm going to change the channel and watch last week's Grey's because whatev-I don't care about Fantasia but I do care about those doctors.
Tags: american idol, tv
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