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It's 1am out here and we're in the midst of a severe winter storm. I haven't been outside all day except to go to my tai chi class at 11am. Class ended at 2pm and I chipped a nice layer of ice off of my truck in order to see. The roads were in fair condition but little pellets of ice were falling from the sky. Pearl and I were going to hang out, but neither of us wanted to face this weather. Just because we know how to drive in snow doesn't mean we SHOULD drive in snow!

So what would any sensible person do at 1am, after being indoors for the past 10 hours? Why, go outside and survey the damage of course!

I walked out the back door and saw that one of my neighbor's car had gotten stuck pulling into our alley parking pad. The rear end was just at the curb. I walked around our building - the snow drifts ranged anywhere from about 3 inches to a foot. My truck was buried under about 5 inches of snow, so I got out my brush and shoveled off most of it. This way there won't be a foot of snow on it when I have to go to work on Monday.

Now, what would a sensible person do if they were presented with mounds of almost completely untouched, fluffy white, slightly wet snow?

Probably just go back indoors.

I made snow angels.

If Lemur was with me, we would have made fallen snow angels, in which we would have thrown our bodies onto the snow drifts, arms outstretched, limbs all akimbo, doing our best to overcome the natural tendency to protect our chests as we fall. During the winter at SNC, you could find out prints scattered throughout the campus.

Tonight, though, there was just me. And in the quiet of the falling snow I spread my legs and arms out in perfect arcs.
ha ha ha, that's funny. Your neighbors are going to go outside and wonder. What kid was out making snow angels last night! And then they are going to realize they are adult size and be scratching their heads in wonder. XD
Well, they were all covered up by this morning! The snow jsut kept falling
Awww, that's sad. you should go make some more! They are still digging out our driveways. But our managment sucks ass and takes a really long time to clear the driveways.


It's times like this what I wish I was still in grade school and we could have a snow day tomorrow. Put on the boots and snow pants and drag my sled out to go and play. Now i don't even own a pair of boots and snow pants, hrmm...maybe I should go buy some XD.