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Thank you EVERYBODY for you congrats yesterday! It means a lot to me :)

Right now I'm in a mix of joy and shock. Joy that I got in and I'm progressing with my life. Shock because - holy crap, I'm moving in two months!! AAAAAAAAAUGH! I went from "I'VE DONE IT!" to "Oh God...What have I DONE?!?!?!?" But I know I'll be able to handle it.

Today I had a half day at work because I'm working the trade show on Sunday. I was quite productive with my day off - I refilled my folic acid prescription, I went to Old Navy and bought some clothes, went to target, came home and worked on my quilt. Jeremy called me and asked if I wanted to go rock climbing today. At first I said yes, but I realized as I was shopping that this was the only day for the rest of the week I would have to work on the quilt - the quilt I need done in less than a month - so I called him back and told him I couldn't today, but PLEASE KEEP ME IN MIND FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I have tai chi, Thursday is my weigh in, Friday Kevin comes into town, Saturday is Cassandra's wedding (holy crap Kevin, we need to get a gift! Maybe on Friday?), and Sunday is the trade show.

It was thrilling to buy clothes at old navy because OMG I can buy clothes off the rack now. Holy god. But I do have one problem with Old Navy: THEY HAVE NO SHORT PANTS. I tried on this AWESOME pair of linen-esque pants that were sooooooo comfy and so nice. But 4 inches too long. And they were regulars. They didn't have ANY short dress pants at all, so I had to settle for some capris.

Do you know what sucks? Being 5'7 and not being able to find pants that fit because GOD GAVE YOU STUBBY LITTLE LEGS.

But I did find clothes, and that's exciting.

And oh my God I'm moving in two months.
Leaving Minnesota RULES!
5'7? 5'7??
Try living a life at 5'3....yeah...I NEVER find pants that fit me XD. I was able to find a pair of short pants at old navy ONCE and I have not been able to repeat that since.
Congrats on everything! Holy crap moving! Things will rock even more hardcore!