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I don't know if I've said it here, but at one point this year I said it would be great to have a blizzard before I leave the midwest. I mean, I've lived out here for almost 8 years and I've never had a blizzard. I thought it would be fun to be snowed in or something like that.

So, okay, yeah, this weather out there is all my fault. Sorry kids. And now I know that no - blizzards are NOT fun. They make driving a bitch, parking a pain, and while shoveling snow is a great work out, it kind of sucks balls.

I got into work early because I have learned never to underestimate the road conditions. When there's even a chance of snow, I will leave the house at 7am instead of my normal 7:30. This does mean I'm a half hour early, but as I found out one time leaving at 7:15, those extra minutes mean all the difference in the world.

At around 9am, Rachael started asking people if they wanted to go home. Thursdays being my weigh ins with Dr. Carol, I raised my hand and said I would love to go if I can get an early appointment with my Doctor. I called the office on my break at 10 and they said to come on in, so I left a little before 10:30. I got to the Roseville/Little Canada border at around 11. The roads were good until I passed lexington on hwy 36, where I was stuck behind a minivan going about 30 with no lights on. IF THERE IS STUFF FALLING FROM THE SKY, IT IS MINNESOTA STATE LAW TO HAVE YOUR LIGHTS ON, YOU FUCKTARD.


5.5lbs this week! Total of 84lbs! I weigh 214.5!

It's amazing the difference I feel when standing, walking, or doing basically anything. It's nice to be able to buy clothes off the rack. I don't care that I'm a size 16 - I can basically buy clothes anywhere. I still need to tone up my flabby flabby skin, but that will come in time.

Seriously - I don't want to be a size four or six or eight. I don't even have clothing size as my GOAL. I'm not judging myself by what media mags say is normal. I'm judging my success by the way I feel when I walk up a flight of stairs, or look behind me in a mirror and my ass is not the size of a VW Bug. I am rejoicing in the fact that I CAN be successful when I put my mind to it. And it's that attitude that I will take with me when I start my realimentation when I move back to California and join the program my parents are still in. Because once I am off the shakes, that doesn't mean I get to eat the way I USED to eat. It means that I find a way of eating that I enjoy and that is healthy for me.

There is not one right diet. There is not only one way to eat. It's important to find a healthy blend of what you like, what gives you the energy you need, and what makes you happy when you eat it. If you eat foods that are ZOMG SUPER HEALTHY but you hate, what's the point? If you eat foods that are TOTALLY TASTY! but are horrible, that's no good either. But the food plan that I will eventually follow will be my own choice and one that is to suit what I need. If I'm not going to use them, I don't NEED a lot of carbs in my diet. I need some in a healthy balance, but I don't need to saturate my diet with them because I won't use them all in a day or a week. Now, if I was still on the swim team I would need them, sure, but right now? Nope. And I probably won't need as much carbs as I had been eating before.

So now I'm rambling. Here's a picture of an 84lbs fish (these are getting super hard to find, by the way)

This isn't a blizzard. In a blizzard you wouldn't be able to see the other side of the street. It's just a shitty snowstorm; bad enough to mess everything up but not bad enough to close schools and business outright, so everyone tries to go to work and then gets sent home at the half day anyway. Grr.
Or all the salaried workers and salaried contractors get to bail at a half day, and I, the lone hourly worker, am offically boned.

Cursed snow!
okay, so the fish was hard to find. but here's my challenge to you: Find me the name and address of the guy on the left :P
1. Here the weather is pelting. It's like rain only harder?

2. I agree with you on the food and healthy eating. But the truth is our body needs GOOD food to run correctly, so if you don't give your body what it needs it's going to run like a car on water. You'll have stomach issues, feel yucky and run down. Regardless of what you LIKE, you have to eat a good balance of good foods. Any of those thing that are fatty and salty and greasy can be eaten just not at all on a daily basis. It's a matter of 'treating' yourself rarely, not daily.

3. Are you going to start posting pictures of people that weigh that amount now? it seems like soon you'll have lost Maggie.
1. It was kind of like that for a while - and then it started to snow. Like, OMG snow.

2. Oh - I totally agree, you can't have BAD food all the time. But if you restrict yourself to much, you'll end up resenting your food and your diet. And it is about finding a balance of foods and types of food you enjoy that are good for you.

3. I can find pictures of dogs! Most people don't have their weight listed. I should start posting pictures of our friends.
I am loving the snow.

Congrats on the weight loss. You sound so positive and radiant and sensible about it.

Long time no talk, I know. But I still peek in on your LJ and I am glad to hear you're doing well, Meg.
You sound happy and fantastic. Feeling in shape has always helped me to remain 85% sane. That's a huge fucking fish. It's saturday night and what am I doing here? Missing you.