Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

I want to eat, eat, eat...

...Eeeples and Beneenees....

However, I'll settle for a salad with cucumbers and celery...

But seriously - yesterday marked my sixth month on new direction. I think I can count on one hand the full meals I have had during those six months. I don't plan on re-alimenting until I am back in California and are with the program my parents are in. But I do plan on adding in a small salad in the evenings when I come home. They are crunchy, they are delicious, and it's good for me to get into the practice of making and eating real food again.

It's frustrating, in a way, to know that I will always have to be aware of what I eat. There was something comforting, back when I was almost 300lbs, not to care about what I put in my mouth except DAMN! THAT TASTED GOOD! And I know I can find things that taste just as good, fill me up, and are completely healthy for me when I begin to add food back into my diet. But I will have to watch myself because old habits die hard.

I'm confidant, though, that I know I can develop the healthy eating habits and not let them dictate how I live my life. There will be room for the foods I enjoy, but I don't need to have them every week.

But damn - I really want a pizza....
Tags: food, new direction, weight loss
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