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Some people run marathons, I just quilt them.

I am slacking off tonight.

After my rockstar super hardcore diva Saturday morning, I proceeded to sew like a mad woman, putting in four hours of work before I needed to get ready for the midnight movie (which, by the way, was totally awesome. I own Dark Crystal on laserdisc because I am just that awesome, but seeing it on the big screen made me realize a. that it really IS a damn creepy movie and b. what the HELL was Jim Henson on?). In those four hours I sewed together 8 of the 24 quilt blocks.

On Sunday, after I slept in waaaay too late, I went back to work. While the rest of the world was enjoying the omg so awesome 50 degree weather (yes, that is considered awesomely warm thankyouverymuch) I was hunched over my dining room table in a fit of ironing, pinning and sewing. And seam ripping after I realized I sewed about 4 blocks wrong. I put in another 5 hours of work with a half hour break and then stood away after I started shouting obscenities at the sewing machine (nothing deserves to be called a twatwaffle, no matter how satisfying it is to say outloud).

After dinner I put in another hour or so of work sewing those blocks together - I have a 4x4 quilt right now and I'm debating if I just want to add one more row and then the decorative border, or go all crazy and do the full 8 blocks. Time's ticking away here people! And I still need to QUILT the damn thing (but I'm going to cheat and just use the yarn tying method. It'll still look pretty).

So after all that mad sewing craziness, I'm slacking off tonight. I don't know what I'm going to do because it's so amazing outside. I drove home with all the windows open and the sunroof too. It's also super bright out because of daylight savings. But you already know that.

Tomorrow I have a lab and an appointment with my hematologist. I've been taking my folic acid regularly (which, not only is good for anemia, is also good if I were pregnant. Which I'm not. But everybody tells me that when I tell them about the folic acid) and I haven't been noticing anything like blood blisters in my mouth or tiny red spots on my arms or legs. They always ask me, though, whenever I go in if I bleed faster than other people. HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW THAT!?!??!! I haven't noticed any changes when I DO bleed, but it's not like my friends and I sit around the house scratching our arms and having a blood letting race.

"Awww man! Damn these awesome platelets of mine!"
"Cough over the dough, buddy. I need it to pay my medical bills."

It's better than cockfighting. Really it is.

So once again - slacking tonight. The cats are frolicking around my living room shouting joyous meows because I have all my windows open. Hooray for spring.
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