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Land of Fruits and Nuts

I'm in sunny California right now, relaxing in Davis. I've taken my shower, I've had my hot cocoa, and I tweaked Kevin's resume and sent him a copy. I need to go to Wal-mart or Target and buy a pair of black pants for my interviews, and maybe a sweater set or something. Something that fits and look professional.

The flight was long and I only slept through parts of it. Sleeping on planes is much easier now that my body no longer overflows the seat, pushing the armrests over my hips and thighs. I managed to cross my legs and wedge myself against the seat backs. I awoke about an hour and a half later with a crick in my neck, but I was amazed that I was still in the position. Hell, I was amazed that my legs were crossed!

I've been noticing that I now sit at my office chair in new and interesting ways simply because I can.

I know I haven't been posting my weight loss as of late - but as you all have read with eager and hungry eyes, my days have been crazy insane. But as of Yesterday I have lost *drum roll please*


It's hard to imagine that I am 10lbs away from 100lbs. It's simply crazy. I can fit into my mom's 14s now (which are too big for HER! Go team Mom!) and I am amazed everytime I look down and see my lap. Because I have one now, you know. A lap, that is.

Here's a few 90lbs fish for you to enjoy

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