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Whoa-kay. So we all know that I lose all my brain functions when in the kitchen. Despite being a good cook (at least I think so), whenever I enter a kitchen my mind gets sucked into a temporal vortex and deposited somewhere over Nebraska. Nowhere is this more evident than on last Friday night when I decided to clean a stick blender.

Now, for those of you who don't know (which is many as I am finding out during my retelling of this story) this is a stick blender (also called immersion blender):

On late Friday night, I came home from the movies with Karyn. I decided to make my soup but there was no whisk for me to stir it together. HOWEVER - there was a stick blender. I used the blender before to mix my pudding and all went well. So I decided to use it. But first I needed to clean it.

This is when the temporal vortex sucked out my brain.

So what's the fastest way to clean this? I thought. Oh - I'll just buzz it under running water - that'll get everything off! So - while ignoring every thing ever taught to me about about electrical appliances, I kept it plugged in and ran it under the faucet. This worked fairly well, but I then decided I needed to scrub the blade.

Now, without UNPLUGGING the blender, I grabbed a green scrubby thing and started to clean the blade. I hit the blend button and then I don't remember what happened next. Only that I was bleeding. Bleeding A LOT. I grabbed a dish rag and Karyn went up to wake my parents. Dad came down and at about 10 to midnight we drove to SutterWest.

The staff was super nice, the doctors super nice, and the only reason I cried at all was because I had done something so incredibly stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

So yeah - I have six stitches on the tip of my left index finger and a lingering fear of stick blenders.
OH NO! It's the sucking action of the blender from when it's totally immersed in water, it just pulled your brain right out and mushed it all up.

I hope your finger gets better.

(Stick blenders do totally rock and washing them by buzzing them for 5 seconds in dishwater is totally acceptable. It's just after that that you need to unplug. I use mine for soup and it's really fantastic for drinks :) mmmm alchomohol)
sounds like something I might do...
Stick Blender-1, Meg-0
"...whenever I enter a kitchen my mind gets sucked into a temporal vortex and deposited somewhere over Nebraska."

That sounds like something out of one of the Hitchhiker's Guide books.