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I'm having a good day today.

I'm having a wonderful week.

I wish I could type better, but having a finger out of commission makes things difficult.

But I'm still a hardcore rockstar super diva. I don't need bling 'cause you can see my glow.

I found out that the company I interviewed with, and gave Kevin's resume to, thinks that I'm a superstar. Oh yeah.

I went to the skills class yesterday and the weight loss class today and the instructor thinks I'm just a wonderful and insightful person. Booyah.

I weighed in at their office today and I've lost FIVE WHOLE POUNDS! Even when traveling! I think it was all the walking/dancing/hiking I've done these past few days.


Holy carp people. Can you believe it? Can *I* believe it? I'm five pounds away from my original goal and 4 pounds away from being under 200lbs. I'll be well into the 190s by the time I move out here. I'm a super star.

Here's a picture of me and Adam being hardcore at Adam and Kaela's wedding, RIGHT BEFORE I started the diet (we're talking two days here):

As you can see, we're totally hardcore.

HOWEVER! Here's a pic of me taken JUST TODAY! At my glorious weight of 203.5lbs:

Hardcore? Yes. Rockstar? You bet. Super diva? Is there any doubt?

And, as not to disappoint, here's a 95lbs (43kg, actually) fish:

Do you KNOW how frikken HEAVY a shark actually is?!?!?!?! I've been looking and I'd have to lose almost TWICE as much to even reach a picture of a shark. If you guys want to start seeing shark pictures, you better help me find smaller sharks!
That 95 lb. fish is freaking me the hell out. It looks like it could eat a baby.
Dude, somedays *I* think I could eat a baby.

Mmmm....baby....it's like veal, in a way.
A modest proposal indeed!
Did you get that shirt at Gap? I have it in blue and I LUUUUURRRVVVEEEE it.
What I love about this shirt and the grey that I have is that they are LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!! I have finally come to terms with the fact that I'm 5'7 with no legs and a very long torso. These new shirts were MADE for my body!
Heehee...I may be 5'4", but I also have short legs and a long torso, so that's definitely a reason why the shirt works on me as well (and even if you got it at Old Navy, it's probably practically the same shirt, anyway).
you look great!
Thank you! :)
(Deleted comment)
You with your new smile and me with my new body - we're gonna take the bay by storm!
You are kicking SUCH ass, Meg!

Damn. I'm gonna be the only pudgy one in the family. Shit. Must get back in gym. Must also wait for rib to heel. Fuck.
How *is* the rib doing, by the way?
That is awesome!!!! Chick! YOu look HOT!!!!
Thank you!!!
Hehehehe danke! IT's been a looooooooooong 30 weeks, I can tell you that!
Mee-yow! You look like five years younger, too!
Hahahahha - I don't think I WANT to look younger, I get carded all the time as is!
Wow, 95 pounds? That's almost 100 pounds!

You look real good, Meg!
w00t! go meg! you look super-fab! :-D :-D
Hehehhe thank you! I've been out here visiting and everybody is all "THERE'S NOTHING LEFT OF YOU!!"
Score 95 for the Meg-ster!

*applauds loudly*

*eats fish*
*bows* Thank you thank you thank you *bows again*

I'll tell you what - while I can have fish in small portions (as long as it's lean), I am seriously missing a good sushi roll *sighs*
The Dogfish shark is TINY. From http://sharks.findoutnow.org/article-2-lesser-spotted-dogfish-shark.html:

It is much smaller than its close relatives: the whaler, the
hammerhead and the tiger shark. Like its cousins, it is known as a
voracious predator. Its maximal length is 100 cm and its weight can
reach up to 3 kg. Its diet mainly includes: small fish, crustaceans, squid
and small mollusks.

You've lost a gazillion dogfish sharks. And The spined pygmy shark is smaller, but its weight is unknown.

However, the dwarf lantern shark is the smallest shark in existence (ibid).

/fun with google
The problem is finding PICTURES of sharks! It's getting kind of hard even finding FISH these days! Dogs, people, boats, sure....but it's getting harder and harder.