Okay, so Davis is not technically the sticks. But sometimes it feels that way when everything dies at 9pm or so. Without my normal schedule of work and tai chi, I've been feeling drifty and bored. While I'm sure some people could live out the rest of their natural lives with out going to work at all, I would go quietly insane. What can I say? I need schedules.

I've been having a good couple of days. On Thursday I went to the ball game with my parents. We saw the Sacramento RiverCats play the Oakland RiverCats A's. The game was fun and my parents sit in the season ticket holder section filled with other SERIOUS baseball fans. Our seats were about four rows up from the dugout. They shouted encouraging things to the players and placed theoretical bets on which first draft A's would be sitting in the Cat's dugout this time next week. It was a fun game to watch but makes me sad that I will miss baseball in Minneapolis this year.

After the game my parents dropped me off at a movie theater where I met up with Ben and we saw TMNT. It was everything the trailers promised us plus foreshadowing that fell like a ton of bricks. It crossed the line of foreshadowing and just went into the area of slutty eye makeup. But it was a good time. We stayed up to about 3am talking at the IHOP in Davis because it's the ONLY 24hr place in town. I called afterbars when we had an influx of drunk asian gangsters. It was great. It also reminded me a lot of going out with Sam to Denny's at 1am after watching a movie we would rent at Hollywood Video, only after debating which one to pick for 20 minutes. I'm really going to miss that, too. I miss it already, actually.

Yesterday was an agoraphobic day for me and I didn't leave the house in daylight hours. I slept in way late (first time all vacation) and slacked off. I ran the eliptical for 30 minutes (210 calories! woo!) and took a nap. I had a great dinner of shrimp with my parents (I found out that shellfish is a WONDERFUL source of protein - almost PURE protein, the only thing that has more is eggwhites) and then played cards with Karyn and her Mom. It was a great time. I mentioned that I might move back to Minneapolis after I get my MFA and there was a chorus of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Once they have me back, they never want me to leave again.

I was up early today and went to urgent care. They looked at my finger and said I did a really great job of keeping it clean. They took the stitches out which hurt a teeny bit, but felt more like they were removing a splinter. THe final count was actually only FOUR stitches, not the six the nurse had told me in the ER. Right now I'm just waiting for Karyn to appear and then we're headed down to the farmers market and a stroll around Davis. It's a beautiful day and I need to make up for the fact that I missed all the daylight yesterday.

I'll be back to Minneapolis on Sunday at about 5pm. Does anybody want to pick me up from the airport? It would be swell.