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The world can just stop fucking with me, okay?

I pulled a 9 hour shift today on about 4 hours of sleep thanks in part to jet lag, strange dreams due to reading "Lamb, the gospel according to Biff, Jesus's childhood pal," 1 person out on vacation, 1 person out sick, all of Minneapolis, Denver, and Cleveland deciding they want to rent dumpsters RIGHT NOW, boneheaded morons who want to take their anger on the world out on me, wives interpreting for their husbands yelling in the background and seeing what happens when a Chrysler runs over a scooter.

Which, by the way, looks like this

Owner of the scooter? Got away with out a scratch. He JUMPED OFF before the crash. The police told him to go buy a lotto ticket. Damn guy is a ninja.

Owner of the Chrysler? We don't know - maybe was going through a diabetic seizure or something, maybe on drugs, he had a needle in his hand and was *not* operating on this plane of existence.

Tomorrow's another early day, but hopefully I'll only have to work 8 hours.
I'll bet money it was Chuck Norris who lept off the scooter, and in mid-air, used the Chuck Norris mind-number on the guy in the car for trying to run him over.
can hardly tell where chrysler ends and scooter begins...

I'll call you tomorrow and try to rent a dumpster :-P
Lamb = awesome

Guy on scooter = ninja awesomeness. I totally would have done the same thing, but instead of the guy already having the needle in his hand, I would have ninja'd one out of my pocket and shuriken-thrown it through the windshield, into his arm, and angled it just right so that it bounced out and into his hand just before the cops got there. ...or maybe that's what happened...