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Things are going better.

On Wednesday, for the first time in seven months, I was about ready to say "fuck it" to New Direction. This thought was immediatly followed by a mental bitch slap from the smart side of my brain who said "bitch, you've come so far. Don't throw it away on a binge at Taco Bell!" Smart side of the brain overruled angry side of brain, and I have yet to break the fast.

With the help of my parents and the staff at OTC in Sacramento, I will be set with my supplements until I move to San Francisco (HOLY FUCK THREE WEEKS OMGWTFPOLARBEAR). I really shouldn't be doing this unmonitored, but I will be meeting with my hematologist and I know I'll be weighed, have my blood pressure taken, and will see if they can do some extra blood work for me. They're super nice so I hope they will.

I heard from the apartment place on Friday. The guy said he received the information from my trust fund but has never dealt with one like mine before. However, my credit was good, I scored really well on everything else, so he said he doesn't think it will be a problem and he'll check with his boss and should know on Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, they processed my deposit, so hopefully that's a good sign.

I'm a bit behind on pretty much everything else. Abby - I will mail my check to you Monday morning - please forgive the lateness but my world exploded and I just couldn't think right. It WILL be there, and I am sooo sorry that it will be late. Please don't punch me or kick me in the shins.

However - I have been productive this weekend. Yesterday I went to Tai Chi and had a wonderful time. I came home and started working on packing. I scavanged all the flat rate postal boxes I've saved and I have four of them packed with DVDs. I've ordered 25 more (they're free and no matter how heavy they are or where they are going, the postal rate is $8.10. Kevin, keep this in mind if you want to ship things to my parents) and will pack the rest of my movies in them. I also have four boxes of books packed and probably enough books to fill two or three more. After the books are done I'll start on the kitchen stuff.

Currently, though, I have found out why LUSH calls their henna "Caca." Seriously - the stuff looked like dog shit as I was putting it on. It's brownish green with little gritty bits. I covered my bathroom with old sheets, put my bowl of caca in my old roasting pan with hot water on the toilet and held my head over it as I glumped the stuff on my head. Glumped is totally the right word too. The roasting pan caught most of the bits that flew off and anything else landed on the sheets. I'm feeling good that the clean up was that easy.

So right now I'm sitting on my chair with my head covered in what feels like a pound of dog shit with my head wrapped in saran-wrap. I will be packing more books as this sits and in a couple hours I'll work on getting it out of my hair. What better way to celebrate the risen lord?
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I would suggest shipping lighter weight things to my parents house. That's what I'll be doing with my movies (not books) and maybe some clothes and bedding.

Go here and you can order the flat rate boxes FOR FREE - they'll be shipped to your house. Then you just pack them, tape them, and mail them: $8.10 per box reguardless of weight. That's really not too bad.

OH! And my brother WILL be helping us move! Hooray!!!