I'm afraid I'm getting sick. I have that raw feeling at the back of the roof of my mouth and I've been tired all day. I had a ton of sleep last night but ended up taking a nap when I got home (awesome dreams involving sword fights, circus performers, and a french opera house. Sweet). I'm still tired enough to go to sleep at a decent time tonight. My eyes are getting a little itchy. I get sick two times a year and have since moving to the midwest: as soon as the leaves cover the ground and as soon as the ground thaws. I have a feeling it's a sensitivity to mold and I thought that with the cold weather I might have bought a little time before the mold fully blooms or whatever mold does and be out of the state, but I think I may be screwed.

My last hematologist appointment is Thursday. A few blood tests and a meet up with the doc. Do we want to take bets on my platelet levels? Will it be above 60? Below? Over 100? Under 50? Last two tests were at 66. Place your bets now - you get a bracket of five. Winner gets bragging rights.

I'm kind of stressed (read: extremely) about the move, but I'm doing my best to keep calm and keep ahead of the game. It doesn't help that Dr. Carol's office is just, well, I don't know, dissolving or some crap like that. Doesn't help that I'm just not taking to the new girl at work (but hey, seven more work days and I'm done). Also doesn't help that, well, I don't know. Blah.

Anyways - life IS manageable. Finger is doing better (but I do think that I did a little nerve damage) and I know I can handle things. I hope I can handle things.