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1) Called into work today because I felt like CRAP. Called Rachael and then promptly went back to sleep. This is after I slept from about 4:30 to 8pm, then went back to bed at around 10:30ish and slept 'til 6:30. I woke up, took a shower, still felt like crap, called Rachael at 7am. Went to Minute Clinic because I fear a sinus infection and, after waiting two hours, was basically told "Yep, nose is red, throat is red, fluid behind your ear. Nothing we can do. Sucks, don't it?" Hooray for me.

2) Called Comcast and they will be canceling everything on the 27th and take my equiptment. Hooray for me.

3) Went to my hematologist. Platelets are up to 77 and everything else is healthy. Got a copy of all my records and they agreed to do an EKG (normal). All will be sent to OTC tomorrow.

4) Got in contact with a property manager who will email me a contract to look over and I will be able to meet with an agent and we can go over pricing for my condo and they can work on renting it out. Hooray!

5) Am craving greasy greasy hamburgers, as I always do when sick. I want the greasiest thing on the planet. I want the bun to dissolve under all the weight of greasy fatty meat. I have no idea why this is and I have no intention of eating one, but it's annoying.

6) Kurt Vonnegut died. This makes me sad because he was on my list of writers to meet before they died. Damn. I'd write more but brain is not working.

7) I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE! File was approved. Waiting for address. Holy crap - two weeks, two days.
Hey! it's Kim from the studio, dropping by to say HEY!

haha! I was just on YOUR livejournal as you posted this, engrossed in your fabulous writing!

welcome welcome! *hastily adds you because I haven't gotten to that point yet*
e-high five! Word to your mother and all that.

Oh, hey â” you're going to see some racy studio gossip on my LJ if you poke around a bit. Keep it under your hat, OK? No one else who reads my LJ is connected with the studio, so I tend to vent a bit.

I had figured as much - what happens on LJ stays on LJ.

It's like vegas, only without the strippers.

Or maybe there ARE strippers and I just haven't come to them yet. *continues to read*