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Which is not saying that I am smelly - for lo, I have just taken a shower and I'm quite fresh at this moment.

No, what I mean to say is that I've just used a Neti Pot and my sinuses have never felt cleaner.

As to why I got a neti pot is a bit of synchronicity at work. Earlier last month, Zoe Trope (who's LJ I shamefully I admit I read) mentioned it on her page, calling it (quite classy, I might add) a "nose douche." A few weeks ago at Tai Chi as we were discussing spring ailments before warmups, a guy said he swears by neti pots and recommended that I get one if I wanted to stay the sinus infection that I knew was looming. Then on Thursday as I was carrying loads of old text books down to the basement, my neighbor suggested that I get one, and even told me where they sell them (at a little store about three blocks away). So after tai chi today (more on that later) I went and got one.

Once at home, I made the saline solution and poured the warm isotonic mixture into the pot. I then shoved it up one nostril and let it drain out the other. It was AMAZING. And my nose? And my ears? So not bothering me right now. Hooray for holistic treatments.

This is me segueing into a different topic. Today was my last Saturday tai chi class. I got teary driving there and got even more teary as I watched the older students practice saber, cane, fan and other forms. I made sure to give a hug to Pat, who was my first student teacher of the sword form. Marianne and I practiced our fencing out in the hallway before the solo class started. We practiced our breathing as we went through the whole form.

I'm going to miss Saturdays the most. I've learned so much going to the review before the solo class and I'm surprised that more of my classmates don't attend. We always do some part of the solo form (today we got to do all of it) and it just adds to the dimension by practicing with older students. I've learned so much just talking with them as we watch others practice. I'll miss the chitchat before class, the sun in the morning and the feeling that I have a reason to wake up on a Saturday morning instead of sleeping so late my cats pounce on my head to remind me that hey - they need to be fed.

I'M A SIZE 14 NOW BITCHES! I went to Old Navy because my last two pair of pants were starting to slide off and look bad. So I went and tried on some clothes and *gasp* actually found a pair of size 14 SHORT pants that were NOT ultra low cut. Because ultra low cut? No - they just don't work. The women who wear them must not have been gifted with booty because damn, there's nothing there. AT ALL. And me? I have some booty. Not as much as I did before but there's still some definite buttage going on back there.

Now, as I got into my car to leave Old Navy, I found a note on my windshield. It said "Nice parking IDIOT!" And I am confused by this because I don't know what was WRONG with my parking. I was a wee bit slanted, but I was still well between the lines on both sides. My friends can attest to the fact that I have gotten back INTO my car after I've gotten out and seen the horrible job of parking I've just done. So I'm confused - was it the car that was next to mine when I parked (not there when I left) who left the note? Did they feel I parked too close? (it couldn't have been that - I was still able to get out of my car without hitting their car with my door, and they were slanted too when I parked) Was it the car on the other side that was there when I parked but there when I left? (once again - lots of space for them to get in) I have no clue. But dude - of all the things to leave a note about, parking? I could understand if I was straddling the line and taking up two spaces, but I wasn't.

So that's been my day. Have I packed? Nope. Have I cleaned? Just my body. Have I been productive? Well, I did go to tai chi for two and half hours, rinsed out my sinuses, bought some new clothes that fit and look nice, and talked to Ben for about an hour - sure, that's productivity. Yes.
I think most women have problems with ultra-low cut. I need to be extra careful when I wear ultra-low cut jeans that I wear ultra-long shirts because I end up with um...the wrong kind of cleavage. Just. Not. Flattering. And I have SOME booty, but not disproportionally so -- my biggest problem with jeans is my runner's legs (I easily wear 1-2 sizes larger around my thighs than in my waist).

And anyone who leaves a note like that? Insecurity issues, big time. Apparently someone felt the need to point out that someone else was not 100% perfect (even if what that person did was non-intrusive to anyone else), and unfortunately, the target was you.
I think if you have hips like God intended women to have hips, you can't wear ultra low cuts. I also have good sized thighs - some from left over fat cells (ew) and some from tai chi - so I hear ya on the pants buying.

As for the note - who knows. I know it's best just to let it roll off and I don't think it's insecutiry, maybe they have parking OCD.
i've noticed with the pants, too. when i'm at work, i have to be careful not to bend over to pick something up, because I wlil no doubt give someone an interesting view. so instead, I squat. and in doing so a couple months ago, i sprained my knee. So, in short, low rise jeans are bad for your knees.

also, they make your back cold, because, inevitably, you're wearing a fashionably short shirt.

I remember my nose douche experiment with a measuring cup. I'm sure the neti pot is much more convenient and less wet.
the jeans I have are "just below the waist" and are not too shabby. But the ultra low waist just don't work for me. Still too much around my belly.

Oh - and this is me cleaning - can't you tell? :-P
The Saturday class is going to miss you, too.
I think I'm going to miss Saturday classes the most. I learn more refinement in the Wednesday classes, which is *always* good, but there's something so relaxed about Saturday. During the week it's like "work work work TAI CHI!" and it hits me like running my truck into a brick wall, but in a good way.

Saturday, though, I feel more centered. Even when it's horribly cold outside and gray and yucky, I love the feeling of going into the studio. The one thing I regret the most is not finding the studio sooner :(