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Do you know what sucks? Knowing you look insanely cute but having no one to see you.

I've been busy today - cleaning like a madwoman. I've swept, scrubbed and washed the floors in my foyer, den, and bedroom. I've sorted through some of my old papers and whatnot and thrown a lot away.

Also: I have a PLETHORA of piñatas clothes, running the gambit from 16 - 24, XXL - 3X, skirts, dresses, pants, PJ bottoms, formal and casual (Pearl: I've saved the cashmere sweaters for you but I need to get them cleaned first). If anybody is interested in looking through them, please let me know! Otherwise I'm just going to take the whole batch down to goodwill.

Next up will be my kitchen - I think I'm going to take one set of dishes, the old pots and pans (not my superawesome all-clad, though), leftover flatware that I liberated from the caf back in the day, put them in a box and set them out by the corner with a "ZOMG FREE!" sign and let nature take its course.

Adam and Kaela - I still have Tim's table. Is it mine now (four years and counting) or should I give it back to you to give back to him? Please let me know! I'd hate to take it without permission.

Pearl is getting my bookcases, the corner is getting the ChairOfDoom!, and I don't know what to do with my couch (we're taking Kevin's futon). The property management company said that my china hutch can probably stay. I'll take grandma's table but discard the chairs. I think I'll take the credenza and Louisa's dresser but give away the big dresser in my bedroom.

Damn. I have too much stuff. Wasn't it Thoreau who said "Simplify, simplify, simplify"? Ugh.

My TV has been on the SciFi channel all day because they're doing a marathon of The Stand. I missed the first two hours but that's alright. It's probably the only Steven King miniseries I like and it's been nice to have it on in the background while I clean, sort, and de-clutter. I used to read the unabridged version of the book every summer when I was back in Davis, leaving me with some crazy dreams of the apocalypse. Good times, good times.

The new cargo pants I have are trying to kill me. I've almost tripped (while carrying lots of stuff at the time) like four time today by getting my toes caught in the little straps that hold up the hems. My mad tai chi skillz have kept me from falling and cracking my head on the floor. Hooray for better balance!

All this cleaning has stirred up a bunch of dust that has been lying dormant and undisturbed for quite some time. This, in turn, has aggravated my already fonked up nose. The neti pot helps but damn does this cold suck. Work tomorrow is going to be another daze brought on by advil cold and sinus, I can tell.

H'okay - back to cleaning. Productive am I!
Tell more more about this soon-to-be-homeless couch. I've been thinking of replacing my whoopie couch (named for the groaning noise it makes when you sit on it, not because I've been getting lucky on it, not that there's anything wrong with that). If yours seemed like an upgrade, maybe I could help you relocate it.
I am unsure of whether or not it would be an "upgrade." It's a full sized pull out sleeper sofa. It's blue and white gingham and, before it found a home with me, lived for quite sometime in a musty cabin belonging to my old boss.

It's not a BAD couch but could probably stand to be cleaned. It is also COVERED in cathair and I've been meaning to get a new mattress for the bed part.

I'll see if I can get some pics of it but my camera phone is made of suck :( If you are interested, though, I'd be glad to let you have it! My brother and I could also help you move it too (for the thing is damn heavy!)
Sounds like it's about on a par with my current whoopie couch, so I guess I'll pass. I've already got all the cat hair I need. ;-)
Hee - I understand. :) At this moment I don't know if even goodwill would take this couch!
You can do whatever you want with the table. I feel your pain - we're in cleaning/purging mode ourselves. The house we bought is smaller than our current apartment.
I'm lucky that I think the new apartment is about the same size, but I have another person's things to think about! But I have two weeks to decide what I'm going to do...

When are you guys moving?
Memorial Day weekend.
awww, that's when I first moved into my condo! *sniffs fondly at the memories*

Good luck with your move! If you guys aren't doing anything on Friday the 27th, I'll pitch in for beer and pizza if you want to help load a truck!
I'm busy because some friends and I are having a garage sale on the 28th (part of the cleaning and purging) and Friday is when we're going to price everything and get it all ready. But maybe I'll send Adam over. :)
If you were anywhere NEAR me I would offer to rifle through said clothes and possibly take some off your hands. But considering you are a state away...yeah.
Heh. I watched the Stand yesterday too, under about the same conditions. And I have to say it's probably one of his best books, I've read both versions and personally like the shorter, earlier release better. The other one is too much like trying to mentally swallow an elephant. Well, for me anyway.