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So instead of spending my third to last day at work answering the phones, taking orders and being verbally attacked by homeowners whose brain cells huddle together for warmth and protection, much like the muskox of the frozen tundra, I got paid to listen to my radio.

I get to work today looking my best (dress up day in the office - high rollers with money to burn are looking at the bags) and after being there for an hour and taking a grand total of two calls, Rachael sent me off to deliver bags to some of the stores. It started off as three deliveries (Minneapolis to New Brighton, down to Eagan, back to Minneapolis, then out to Plymouth) and then two more were added (North St Paul down to regular, nondirectional St Paul). As I was just outside the tunnel on 94 headed west, Joe called and asked me to do one more trip to St Louis Park. So after 7 and a half hours of driving and almost 145 miles put on my truck, I returned to the office only to clock out at 4 (hey - I didn't get a break for lunch or anything).

I was armed with my trusty Hudson Map Book (a relic from my days at Gopher State One Call) and my insane ability to figure out how to from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time (which means avoiding 35E and 100 at all costs). Of course, on my way south from North St Paul to St Paul I decided just to take McKnight, which has about A BILLION different names. There was only a slight moment of panic before I realized that as long as I was headed south I was going to run into 94 eventually. Never did I get lost (turned around? Sure. Took the wrong exit? you bet. Lost? not a chance) and I got to drive around on an absolutely beautiful day with my windows down and my radio blaring.

Hopefully I'll see money for the gas I just used up. Hopefully in about a month or so.

And now for a moment of total brilliance: I mailed out my tax returns last week and guess who forgot to put postage on them and had them waiting in her mailbox when she got home? OH! OH! THAT WOULD BE ME! YES! YES! GO TEAM MEG! I am brilliant like whoa. I IM'd dad and he said that many post offices would be open late today. Thinking that the Lake Street Post Office (which is by no means small) might be catering to the inept few who either waited last minute or, like me, had their brain orbiting around some other planet than our own, I took off in a blaze of panic. Alas, they weren't open. I quickly called Dad and he, like the total hero that he is, looked up and found that the PO over by Diamond Lake and Nicollet is open until 6:30. So I got my tax returns mailed with about 15 minutes to spare. BOOYAH.

As my mom said to me just now: It is a mistake you do only once - but EVERYBODY does it at least once!
I'm pretty sure the downtown Mpls P.O. stays open til midnight on tax day.
I laughed at the thought of you getting that returned envelope. But I'm glad that it all worked out. The IRS is ultimately NOT funny. So exciting that you're moving soon, no? And to a land where "weather" is anything OTHER than sunshine.
Excited and scared and excited some more and nervous and everything in between. It's crazy that I do these things to myself - uproot and move my whole life to a different place. But, as Aragorn said: Not all those who wander are lost

I look forward to seeing you on Friday! Hooray!