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Today I have:
Called and set up the electricity for my new apartment
Called and reserved my rental truck
Printed out the contract for the property management group
Took the photos of Cassandra's wedding to be developed
Bought a frame for Rachael's pic of me, Kevin and Cassandra
Bought a card for Rachael
Wrote and delivered under the door a rather upset (but still tactful) letter to Dr. Carol

Things I Need To Do:
Pick up said photos of the wedding
Go to Tai Chi
Sort clothes for the girls to rifle through at Weekend
Sort and pack my own clothes
Finish packing the books and movies
Raid the kitchen of useless artifacts
Deliver a letter to the YMCA canceling my membership
Call my insurance guy
Talk to Kevin about our internet/cable/phone stuff

Things I Know:
Dr. Carol's voicemail box is full.
At least three weeks ago, Dr. Carol posted job listings for a Nurse and a Receptionist for "Lighten Up Weight Management," which are now expired
Not even the building owner knows anything about the whereabouts of Dr. Carol
On the 14th, someone from Dr. Carol's office stamped and deposited the check I wrote out on the 12th of February.
Dr. Carol is seriously pissing me off and if I don't get my records I will start looking at legal action.

OTHER Things I Know:
Grindhouse is seriously awesome. "Planet Terror" was better than "Death Proof" by leaps and bounds.
My friends are seriously awesome and I'm going to miss them when I leave.
I've been writing on this LJ more due to the fact that OMG I'm leaving in 10 days and it really hasn't hit me yet - I'm hoping that by obsessive journaling I will stay the tidal wave of emotion that will most likely hit me as I'm driving across Nebraska.
Ten days? Holy Crap!
Yep - 10 days. Insane, isn't it?

Of course, four years ago when I moved to Minneapolis from Green Bay, I did the WHOLE THING (finding an apartment, signing lease, etc) in two weeks. This time I've actually planned things out!
Oh yes - My mom filled me in on this when we watched the A's vs Rivercats game when I was home. Everybody thinks he looks mad scruffy, but as long as he's doing it for a good cause, we're okay.