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I woke up at 6:30 this morning fully expecting my alarm to go off and wake me for work. Once I realized that, no, I don't have to be anywhere at an ungodly time, I promptly fell back asleep to wake up two hours later.

I did some tidying up and at 10 the property management guy came to look at my place. I gave him the full tour - my condo, the laundry room, the storage unit, the furnace room. He said that people are paying an UNGODLY rate to live in my neighborhood and the fact that I have new windows, hardwood floors, washers and dryers that are NOT coin operated are major points for me. He thought that the china hutch is a good addition and it's okay to stay in my kitchen. I'll be meeting with Steve later this week and we'll sign the contact and get the ball rollin'.

ERIK FLYS IN TODAY! HOORAY! He gets in around 2ish and then the two of us are gonna work like...um...animals that work really hard. There's a lot of little things that need to be fixed and done: the door to the second bedroom needs to be found and rehung, toilet seat needs to be fixed, I think I have to call a plumber about my sink. We're going to load up my book cases and take them to Pearl and then maybe take my chair to the dump (it's fully in need of disposal). I might see if my association will let me use another dumpster in a bag too. A smaller one, this time, a 2 cubic yarder.

Tomorrow is my last tai chi class. I'm glad that Erik can come to it, especially because I think I'll need the extra support. I think it's going to get a wee bit soggy.

Still trying to find a cleaning service that will clean a condo. Some places won't because, well, they suck like that. But I'm getting that worked out.

ATTENTION MINNESOTA FRIENDS!!!!! If you are available on Friday afternoon/evening, I will gladly provide beer and pizza if you would like to help me load up the truck! BEER AND PIZZA!!!!!! Or, punch and pie, bread and water, the promise of my first born child, you know. Please leave a comment if you can :-D
(Deleted comment)
Aww, no worries! Have fun at your event and thanks for the consideration :)
I'll check my LB schedule tonight, but if I don't have to work, I can come directly from CBC...like 5:30ish.

Dude...it's the end of an era.
Awesome - that would be great!!

I know - 4 years in Minneapolis *sniff sniff*