Here, of course, being Davis. We got in late this afternoon after starting in West Wendover, Nevada. For those playing at home, West Wendover is RIGHT on the border of Utah and Nevada. We left at 7am mountain time and got into Davis at about 4:30 pacific time. In those 10 and a half hours of travel, we went 543 miles, saw Nevada at its greenest, crossed Donner Summit through the snow and ice, and made it home in one piece.

The whole trip went very smoothly and it was like a trip down memory lane. On Sunday we drove down hwy 29 down to Council Bluffs, Iowa. I made that trip before, only in the other direction, with Sarah and Alli the summer of 2000. The three of us had camped in Ortonville at Big Stone Lake and Sarah said that the whole trip she had managed *not* to think of the Blair Witch Project until then.

Tuesday we crossed the state of Nebraska (it really does take a whole day). Back in 2003, I made the same trek with Nick and Gavin on our way to Def Con in Las Vegas. We drove at night after stopping in Omaha to visit Nick's ex-girlfriend. Originally we were going to find a hotel in Kearny, but all the rooms were booked for some convention, so we pressed on to Lexington. A scuzzy hotel off the highway gave us a room and even let us check out late. I was the one who had to find the front desk lady, who was actually out by the algae stained pool, sunning herself wearing only a bikini. Now, while that might sound like any pre-teen, hormone crazed boy's fantasy, the woman was probably fifty and her skinned was stretched and polished like a worn leather saddle. It was very scary.

On Wednesday we drove from Cheyenne, Wyoming to West Wendover. The drive across I-80 was one I had made many many times before with my family. We would spend our summers driving across country from Davis to Beaver Bay, Minnesota to visit my mother's family. Erik and I waved at the Plum Tree - a bizarre piece of art in the middle of the salt flats with no actual access - as we passed by with all the fond memories of road trips from our youth.

I can't describe what I'm feeling right now. Kevin keeps saying that it just feels like he's on a big trip, that he's not actually moving. I think I vaugly feel the same way, but I'm trying to remember how it felt when I moved from SNC to Minneapolis, or even from Davis to De Pere. It is just something I had to do - something I NEEDED to do. So I push on, ever vigilant in my pursuit of something new and exciting.

And yes - I am excited.