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The move on Saturday went long but smooth. Kevin and I drove my pickup and Erik and Sara drove the Budget truck west on 80, across on 37, and then down hwy 1 across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a dramatic entrance, but is there any other way that we could have entered this great city? No, I didn't think so.

My friend David and my cousin David met us at Park Merced, but cousin David had to leave (he did help bring the cats up). The rest of us worked hard, taking tuns watching the apartment, watching the truck, and carrying things up the only working elevator in the building. An old, ghetto elevator with those big plastic push buttons and room enough for 4 comfortably, 5 somewhat tight, yet always eight people are waiting in the lobby.

It took us probably five hours to get everything moved in. We found a place that would deliver pizza, Erik ran to the grocery store next door for beer, and we all kind of zoned out watching Cool Hand Luke. It was a very good move and I owe my friends a whole lot more than beer and pizza (especially Sara and Erik who took the train home and had it be delayed by like, a two and a half hours).

We've done a lot of unpacking and organizing in the past two days. I have most of my books put away, we have our living room set up to our general liking, my cats are getting comfortable, things are good. We do, however, need rugs. Lots of rugs. According to our lease, we must cover at least 80% of our beautiful hardwood floors. I'm sure it's to protect it, but damn. Pretty hardwood floors - now cover them! OR DEATH

So I've been busy. But not too busy that I can't enjoy the weather, the view from my living room, the city (kevin and I walked around for 2 hours on Sunday. It was AWESOME) or life in general.

This was a Good Idea.
Hey! Congrats on completing the move!

"Comfort Eagle" came up on my shuffle this morning, and I thought of you. How fitting as you establish your new, posh digs, yes? I'm calling you DUDE!

Not much happening here at the moment. I'm on campus at the U, allegedly working very hard. The thing I'm most excited about right now is getting my hair trimmed tomorrow. Oh, and I get new home office furniture and electrical outlets on Friday. Woo hoo!
I WISH I was living Comfort Eagle! Right now we're in a state of organized chaos, but at least we're done putting the furniture together (my roommate made me swear a pact that we wouldn't put furniture together for AT LEAST a month). The place is coming together, but there's still so much to do!!

Getting hair trimmed is always fun - I usually go in for the full shampoo and everything. There's something soothing about having someone else wash my hair. Wait - that sounded weird...

Have fun with your own new furniture! There's something good about stepping back and seeing something new and pretty in your home or office.
i bet some of the rug thing is also a noise issue for the neighbors ... kind of like jen's place. Hardwoods could kill the neighbors.
Well, we're not sure about noise. Our walls are pretty down sound proof. I haven't heard anything from my neighbors and Kevin talked to his mom in his room for a half hour and I never heard him...but we got some pretty nice and cheap rugs from IKEA today.
that's odd. i've heard about making you take the nails out of your cats, or requiring various non refundable "redecoration" fees, but not the requirement for certain furnishings...