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So sometimes when I get in a whirlwind of chaotic, life changing plans, I forget to document them here for the reading pleasures of my friends, family, and random strangers who I keep in a jar on top of my fridge. I'm also in a state of "whew, books put away, movies put away, most of my stuff put away....OH MY GOD I A NEED A JOB!" I can't believe that almost half this month has disappeared, leaving me wondering if all my time is quickly dissolving somehow, getting lost in the giant couch cushions of the universe like spare change, gum wrappers, and about a billion hair ties. I'll try to fill you in on what's been going on.

I. The New Place
As I said before, we have most of our stuff unpacked and put away. There have been mad and crazy dashes to Target and IKEA where we have procured almost everything we need at the moment. Anything else we will just talk about with dreamy looks in our eyes and the comments of "oh, when we finally get pay checks..."

Pictures and posters still need to be hung on the walls, clothes needs to be organized and put in drawers, flattened cardboard boxes need to be taken downstairs, but overall, we've created quite a home for ourselves. My bedroom is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE and I sometimes feel like I'm sleeping in a living room. But I have a rug, space to move around, wonderful windows (which I can't open all the way because they have no screens and I do not trust in the mental abilities of my cats), a bigass closet and a nice sized bathroom.

II. Health and Well-being
On Thursday I went back up to Davis to go to the OTC weight loss class. It was a wonderful session and do expect my weekly weight loss posts to return. I will like to say that, as of thursday, I have lost a grand total of *drum roll please*


I've been doing a lot of walking (as one does living in a city where parking involves selling your bodily organs on ebay) which is a great calorie burner. Today, Kevin and I took MUNI over to China town to find the studio that Sifu Ray recommended to me. I met the instructor who said that "our style of yang is a little different" which I'm totally fine with learning. It's a bit more expensive than TC tai chi, but hey - I'm in SF. What else am I to expect? I'll go on Monday for my first class. JOY!

III. Job Search
Both Kevin and I have had interviews this week. His was for an administrative assistant down in the financial district, mine was for a reservationist at Town Hall restaurant in SOMA. Both went well and we'll both be calling back next week to check in.

I've submitted my resume all over the place, and will do it again on Monday when I'm sure a whole new batch of jobs will be posted. I submitted my resume to LUSH and hopefully they will call me back as well.

It kind of sucks not having a lot of money to go out and spend. I can't afford to do a whole lot, but walking around the city is always free, and a $1.50 to get me anywhere is something I can totally afford. I need to get a MUNI pass and soon. $45 for unlimited rides for a month? Can I get a hell yeah?

IV. Wrap Up
I'm liking it here. It may just be the whole getting to know a new city thrill, but I think I really am going to like it here a whole lot. I don't care that I still have to wear my long sleeved shirts and keep a sweatshirt handy because the fog could roll in at any moment. I can still feel the same vibrations in the street that I did two years ago when I came for my first interview at New College.

Granted, I need to meet more people, get out there and socialize, but I'm sure that will happen in time.

Oh, and yes - there will be a house warming party. But first jobs must be secured.
Unlimited rides in Chicago are $75/mo. The saving grace is I take that money out of my paycheck pre-tax which knocks down the "real" cost to about $60.
You must tell me about the new T'ai Chi! Your adventure sounds like so much fun, I almost want to have one of my own. Well, I did get new home office furniture yesterday, so that's pretty exciting . . .
Heh, you working for LUSH...that sounds like a dangerous job for you ;-)
Wow....that's a big fish!

I'm not sure I'd even recognize you now!
OMG, that all sounds really exciting! I'm going to try and be back in CA at last a week or two this summer -- we should hang out. =)

Now that you're in the triple digits with weight loss, you should start posting pictures of movie stars. And friends.