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Point of the First:
I had a lovely weekend. On Saturday Kevin and I walked around China town and Fisherman's wharf. We're working on getting all the touristy stuff out of the way before we are considered "local" and thus will have to scoff at such places. In the meantime, though, we are enjoying the sites and sounds.

On Sunday we had a bit of a road trip, going down to Monterey and then over to Salinas for the National Steinbeck Center. Monterey was as beautiful as always, only solidifying my desire to live there someday. Salinas, on the other hand, was almost a ghost town. It seems the only thing they have going for it IS the National Steinbeck Center, and even that was pretty empty (of people, not of the glory of Steinbeck). Afterwards we visited David and Diana in Los Gatos and drove home. Fun was Had By All.

Point of the Second:
I have started going to Y.C Wong Kung Fu Studio which Sifu Ray recommended. Master Wong is a small man who can move like lightning across the cement floor. Classes are formal in the way of respect paid to the Sifu and to attaire (all black, odd to me because I'm used to "whatever you can comfortably move around in) and informal in the way class is held (more independant in nature, with Sifu walking around to each pairing of students to correct or instruct). When I went on Monday, there were probably about 15 students in the small basement studio. Today, there were about seven of us.

While Master Wong does teach yang style tai chi, it is very different than what I have been learning. Where I am used to medium height, medium length; he practices low and wide. It is also more narrow than I'm used to and my muscle memory screams at me "BOW STANCE! SHOULDER WIDTH APART! TUCK THOSE HIPS!" as I am trying to learn and follow a lower, narrower form. The postures that I'm learning are similar, in some ways, to the ones I am familiar with, but completely different in other ways. Lots to learn, lots to learn.

Also, the studio seems to be in favor of what I call "endurance meditation" (this is a horrible thing for me to call it because you shouldn't HAVE to "endure" meditation, but bear with me). In what would be the third position that I'm used to, we stand, focused, for basically as long as feasibly possible. He was actually quite impressed that I could do it for 15 minutes at first. My legs (solid as trees) hold up very well, but I need to relax my shoulders because they start to tense up after about ten minutes.

Overall impressions: VERY different from what I'm used to, both in form and class structure. However, when I leave class I still have that same feeling in my body that I did when I would leave the classes in St Paul. I feel lighter and more powerful as I walk through the streets to the MUNI station. I like that. I like that A LOT.

Point of the Third:
The job hunt still goes, but things are starting to look up. On the way to tai chi tonight, I got a voice mail from a nonprofit group I sent my resume to. Because I was not in a place to call them back, I waited until I got home to hear the message. They REALLY want to set up an interview with me (joy!) and had also emailed me just to make sure (joy again!). It may not be anything but at least it's an interview. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Point of the Fourth:
I'm tired, my arms feel like they are going to fall off, I am starting to get seriously sick of not eating real food (but hey, after 8 months you would be too), a little frustrated that I'm not on any real schedule (even though I go to bed at a decent hour, refuse to let myself sleep in and try to go out and do SOMETHING every day), but things are are going well and my hope and resolution remain high. It's only week two.
Cool about the new T'ai Chi! But you're going to have to tell them they're doing it the wong way. ;-)
I thought about the joke you posted on your LJ a while ago, about how many tai chi students it takes to change a light bulb :) I know I'll learn a lot but it is quite different than the TC studio...