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Like the fact that I know that at 7 and 7:30 I can catch The Simpsons on TV. I haven't lived out in California for 8 years but I knew it would be on. Lo and Behold - it was.

Today I got to learn why people DON'T like MUNI. After my interview today (more on that later) I went for a walk down to New College then over to the Castro station to get home. As I walked down the stairs, I JUST missed the M line. So I waited about 10 minutes for the next. Which was packed. We're talking sardines, square peg of people exiting the train only to be replaced by another wall of people. So I waited for the next M train (10 minutes). Same thing. I waited again (15 minutes). Same thing. Once again, I waited (10 minutes) and managed to squeeze myself in and actually found a seat. It took 45 minutes and I was so damn glad to get home (especially after my 90 minute walk around town). I can totally see the bad side to cheap transit.

SO THE INTERVIEW! It's for a non-profit group located in SOMA. The office is small and I would be an office administrator. I think he was somewhat impressed with my personality so that's good. I don't know if I did the right or wrong thing when I went back to him and asked him about an error I found during my typing quiz. the passage said "...which had been closed four decades." Now, should it have been "for four decades" or "for decades"? Anyways - I asked, he said "wow, good catch..." and then I finished my test and that was that. Hopefully I'll hear back from them.

Tomorrow I drive back to Davis for my OTC meeting. Thanks to my walk, right now I'm at negative calories for the day and seriously need to make my dinner.

Plus side of the MUNI? I saw some beautiful people (like the two Punks and the girl who looked like she was genuinely concerned about SOMETHING, ANYTHING, but was cute) and some crazy people (like the young business man, probably my age, who stood in the middle of the aisle, looking out the window, eyes unfocused and GRINNING, full teeth shown). Good times, good times.
God, MUNI sucked tonight. Civic Center station is supposed to be desolate around 6pm. Instead, every train was packed. Fortunately for me, I can take any line home, so I didn't endure the same level of torture you did, but still.
When I got home, my roomie told me he was going to call me back and tell me to take an inbound (which were nearly empty) to the embarcadero and just get on an empty bus there. It probably would have taken the same ammount of time and I really should have thought of it myself...

But yeah - every train that went past me was jammed packed crazy like. Was it "everybody ride the muni!" day or something? What's up with that?
It wasn't a free "spare the air" day or anything like that. I think the system is just overburdened in general. There's a shortage of money to pay for more equipment and drivers, and it doesn't help that half the people who ride it don't even pay.
I understand the bit about people not paying. I see the whole "KEEP YOUR PROOF OF PAYMENT!" signs but dude, it's not like anybody checks.

And (not that I'm complaining) $45 for a monthly pass is a down right steal. I can understand if they're underfunded.
You're right - it's not like anyone checks. They just hired a bunch of new fare inspectors, so that should help. 95% of the time I see someone getting a ticket for not having paid, the person is well-dressed and definitely looks capable of paying $1.50. I think they should retrofit the bus exits with turnstiles that prevent people from getting on through the back door.

$45 per month for unlimited riding is awesome. I much prefer it to $700/month to own, fuel, and maintain a car.
I love the monthly pass and overall I do love the MUNI. I have a car currently (mainly to get me to and from Davis for the time being) but I don't know how long I will keep it. It costs $95 per month to keep it in the garage and I really only use it once or twice a week. Once I get the amtrak sched down, I'll probably give the car to my parents.

Seriously though, despite the packed trains and the more than interesting passengers, I love the convience. And I love the fact that it basically forces me to walk places. Hooray for exercise!