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But I have good news!

I have a part time job starting tomorrow at Town Hall Restaurant, located in the SoMa district (That's "South of Market" for the rest of you. For my twin citians, think Warehouse District but on a larger scale). It really does look like the place fell out of a William's Sonoma catalog. It's only $12 an hour and is only part time, but it's money in the bank while I'm looking for more of a steady job.

Speaking of more jobs, on my way home from Davis I got a call from a guy who works for The Sak, a company that makes every so pretty handbags and is based out of San Francisco. They are looking for a customer service administrator to work in their ecommerce sector. He said it would be full time, over $15 an hour, full benefits. I told him that I would be very interested, but I did just take a part time job. HOWEVER - I would be more than happy to call him once I figure out my schedule to set up an interview. I mean, dude - I need to work while I'm looking for work. So think good thoughts about that.

I had another good meeting at OTC today. The drive up went smooth and I lost 1.3lbs this week. Not a whole lot but, as the old lady said as she pissed into the sea, "every little bit helps." My exercise has gone up this week due to the amazing amount of walking that I have been doing (hooray!) and starting up tai chi again (hooray hooray!) so my body might be retaining water and I might also be gaining some muscle (hooray hooray hooray!).

I have been hungry this week, which I think might be because I'm strictly on supplement (no salads, no protein bars, sniff sniff) and I think it's also emotional as well. I've just moved my whole life around, I'm in a new city, I'm ever so slightly stressed, and I'm not on any regular schedule. While I try to keep myself busy (interviews, resumes, walking around the city) I find that I've been getting bored because a. I don't have money to go out and really DO things b. I need a good challenge or some kind of task to keep me motivated.

Also, I'm meeting a new experience when it comes to this diet: My roommate actually needs real food and a place to keep said food. Now, I don't want him to feel like he CAN'T bring food in because dude - it's his home too! But man...that jar of peanut butter that I know is lurking in his cabinet mocks me from the very recesses of the shelves. Today I made sure to segregate our food - I have my own cabinet, Kevin has his. But I know that peanut butter is there. I'm very much reminded of what my friend Lemur said during our junior year of college in regards to him keeping his virginity until marriage: "You know, it's a lot easier to say 'no' when the option is never presented to you." So I'm learning to deal with temptation as it's presented to me. I need to find a magnate and stick my TOP TEN REASONS WHY TO DO THIS NOW! list on the fridge.
gah, I luuuuuurve peanut butter! This is your true challenge. If you can resist peanut butter, you can do ANYTHING!