Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Just a quick note...

• Two days of work done. Being a reservationist is a lot like my old job, only replace dumpsters with reservations. Callers are nicer and the work load is easy. Phones still get crazy and there's random paperwork and confirmation calls. I've only said "Thanks for calling Tubs!" once or twice.

• I am desperately looking for my passport or SS card. Both of which I know I have *somewhere.* I had my SS card in my wallet for the longest time but then I took it out after I moved because I finally remembered that it's not safe to have it in my wallet, and now I can't find the damn thing.

• Tonight on the train ride home I got some cheap entertainment. Skinnyass college kid with a fro dancing like Michael Jackson vs. two fifteen-year-old girls who were crumpin'. Oh yes, there was a dance off.

• Tomorrow Kevin and I are getting up early to catch a bus to Golden Gate park to watch the Bay to Breakers runners. We're hoping for a good turn out of crazies. I wish I could find my battery charger for my digicam.
Tags: san francisco, town hall
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