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It was totally worth waking up early and taking a crappy bus ride up to Golden Gate Park. I have also just seen more ugly naked men than I ever wanted to. I have had my allotment of ugly naked men for quite some time, thankyouverymuch.

Photos are posted here for anybody interested. WARNING! My camera is totally crappy and there is ONE NOT SAFE FOR WORK PICTURE.

Pirates, decades, and flamingos were very popular themes. I wish I had a better camera so I could have captured all of the craziness. The two best overheard lines from this morning are:

guy 1: Do you have any more redbull??
guy 2: No, but I have vodka!!

random fella: It's Burning Man on wheels....

There were lots of bands along the race track, our favorite was Meshugga Beach Party. They were great fun and we heard them from quite a ways a way. There was a funk band a little further down who all had neon green fros. Fabulous.

Kevin and I walked almost 4 miles today and got A LOT of sun. We're slowly losing our midwestern white and gaining the Californian glow. Mmmm, delicious skin cancer....
Ah skin cancer: making corpses look hot for the last 200 years :-P
Oh man. I am SO jealous. I hear that Bay-to-Breakers is an AWESOME race.

Also, if I could cut 1:11 off of my 5k PR, I could run subseeded (my PR is 22:41, I would need to run 21:30), which would be freaking AWESOME. I should totally make that a goal of mine, once my fucking foot heels. YAY Bay-to-Breakers! Yay for Redbull and Vodka!