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Okie doke then.

So yes, I didn't follow Heroes from the beginning. This is sad, I know. But I have watched the last four episodes, a few here and there, and with the recaps provided by Pearl I think it's safe to say I am totally an expert. Totally. Seriously, even.

WHAT THE HELL SYLAR. That's basically what I screamed at the TV when it was done. I agree with amaresu on wondering why he's still alive. Granted, as she points out, he is a fan favorite. And his death scene WAS quite awesome. However, Sylar is almost too powerful. A sword did not stop him (guesses? He does have liquefaction, a power we don't know that much about. Could he have liquefied the sword? Or his own body? Another guess is that he acquired power from another mutant or whatever that allows him to maybe move the particles around in his body, thus basically "dodging" the sword. I think Granny Weatherwax used that trick once, but I could be mistaken) so lord knows what else will. Plus, seeing how not every special person knows about him, and, like all true sociopaths, he's ever so charming, it would be easy for him to get MORE powers. I don't like my super heroes super indestructible.

After talking with Bee for a bit tonight, she mentioned how the theories of her and her friends either involve him going into the sewers to become a ninja or doing something with alligators. Personally, seeing how much they've already borrowed from Marvel, would it be so unrealistic of me to wonder if they are going to do a whole Morlock thing, with Sylar as Callisto or something? However they chose to do it, though, I'm kind of grumpy that he's still alive. While I understand the writers probably don't want to fall into the same trap BtVS did (new season, new big bad) I'm not sure what they will do with Sylar. Who knows - perhaps he's not even in next season's plot line (I mean, if we're following comic book style, shouldn't we embrace and enjoy the growing complexities of many villains? Magneto is not the only bad guy out there in x-men land) but he will remain an ever present force to be dealt with. Just, not right now. I hope.

So yes - I do feel dumb for not having caught on right at the very start. However, I am glad that I will catch on at the start of the 2nd season, and I have the full summer to watch the old episodes online.

I love the fact that this is a comic book true and true. And they're doing it RIGHT. They are writing it like a comic book and I don't CARE if they lift story lines just as long as they do it right. And they have good actors. And dude - as long as Jeph Loeb has his hand in this, I know it'll be fabulous.
I was shouting at the screen for Hiro to cut his head off. One poke through with the sword isn't going to cut it. Sylar was clearly seriously wounded, but with TK he probably had no trouble holding his innards in place and slinking off into the sewers.
There are a few thoughts I have regarding Heroes:

- Hiro's about to find out that his Dad is very, very old.
- Sylar's alive, but he's got real issues to deal with.
- We have the setup for something Worse Than Sylar.
- Peter's alive still, I think.
- Nathan's not, but his sacrifice was the coolest moment of the show.

- What do we do with the reveal of all the new heroes? Mama Petrelli's gotta have a power. If not, she's even more dangerous.
- What about the story of the old man?
Ooh, I love this show. I haven't watched this finale ep yet, having stayed up past my bedtime at the studio, but tonight may be my night. Fingers crossed.

If Peter is going to stop whinging and start washing his hair, I could dig him, but really, my heart still belongs to Hiro. And Ando.

Does anybody else think Nathan's ginormous head belongs on the body of a much, much larger man? His proportions look wrong to me.

And what's the deal with Mohinder's magical blood antibodies? Do you suppose injecting regular folks with a little Mo-jo would unlock latent superpowers present in everybody? Or do you have to have the special gene, like little Molly Walker, for it to work?
It was never the Mo-jo (heh, I like that...) that awakened the powers.

Mohinder's antibodies were merely used to treat the condition that was slowly killing Molly and preventing her from using her power to their full extent.

Oh, and Hiro FTW!
Heroes... So very, very awesome. And, as you said, so very comic-book.

Me? I'm totally making out for the whole "Silver Age" thing they have going on with Linderman's old super-team. Simone's dad was in it, so were Mr and Mrs Petrelli, Linderman obviously, and Mr Nakamura... Who else, I wonder? Maybe Claude? Some people we don't know about yet? I want to see them do some more with that side of things, even though the numbers have been 'thinned out' somewhat...
Okay, so I was mostly joking about the alligators. But I'm not joking about the T-Rex! If they don't deliver on that T-Rex promise by season 3, I'm gonna be annoyed. Lost never gave me a dinosaur, dammit, and I'm still bitter.

My real hope for Sylar (beyond skulking in the sewers with ninja turtles) is that whatever big bad Molly saw (that could also see her OMG) is gonna be so big and so bad that Sylar with his many powers is going to have to help us defeat him. Kind of like Spike in later seasons but still *evil*. Or something.

In closing, I would just like to say that I have to be at work at 8am tomorrow, and I've just spent the last 2 hours in photoshop making Heroes icons so I'd have something to use for this post, when I really should have been in bed. You're a bad influence!