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Kevin and I have decided to make Sundays "Walk around the city" days. In my last post, singleentendre suggested the ruins of Sutro Baths, located near Lincoln Park. Seeing how I a) love the beach and b) love ruins, I was totally keen on going to see this. THANK YOU singleentendre! IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

So at about 11am, now joined by my friend David (deeprizendragon), we set off for the #18 bus up to Cliff House and then walked down to the ruins. It was cold, windy, and foggy out. You know, typical San Francisco weather. The trail down is pretty easy and leads to a big open concrete pool filled with a mix of rain water and sea water and a whole lot of seagull crap.

There was a little building over looking the ruins, so we stood on it. Because it was climbable and, well, there. David jumped down into it because he was the only one of our group who knew they could get out of the little building. Instead, Kevin and I opted for a photo shoot wearing our matching TUBS hats (which we were very glad to have brought).

Even David was glad that we brought the hats, but also glad I had my zomg hat of cuteness so that HE could wear my TUBS hat.

There's also a really nice lookout point on top of the ruins. Now, if you were me and you were presented with a nice, large and flat surface that overlooked the ocean, what would you do? You know, if you were me?

Yes, you do the first section of the solo form (only because you knew your friends wouldn't want to wait for you to do the whole thing). And guys? IT WAS AWESOME. The wind from the Pacific blew my hair all about, but I kept my meter steady and listened to the crashing of the waves.

The rest of the pictures are located here. I also posted them on facebook with more information on the Sutro Baths. I'd put that information here, but I just lifted most of the stuff from wikipedia, which I already linked you all to.

So after the ruins, we walked up the trail and over to the Legion of Honor and saw the pretty display of french jewelry. We also walked through their permanent galleries. It's an absolutely beautiful place with some amazing pieces on display. The walk through the park up to the hill was great fun and mostly uphill. Oh man, my legs are going to look so awesome if I keep up all this walking.

By the time we finished walking through the Legion, we had been walking for approximately three hours. Now, three hours is 180 minutes. I use the general "four calories per minute of walking" calculation, meaning that I had just burned 720 calories. We caught the #18 back down to Geary then walked down the street to an Indian Restaurant that was having a buffet. Now, it probably wasn't the BEST choice for me to have, but I kept my portion sizes low and stuck to the chicken (but I did have a little lamb. Baaa, suck it Mary). The thing that will probably do me in would be the bit of bread I had. But oh man, it was so very, very, VERY good. It was on par with the meal I had back in February at the Chinese New Year Demonstration and exactly what I wanted. I think I'm good to go for a while now. I just have NO idea how to count what I just ate. Oh so good. OH SO GOOD!!!

We walked the rest of the way down Geary until it crossed Park Presidio, where we took the #28 back down to Park Merced. The bus was packed, like, CRAZY packed. When we got off at 19th and Holloway another 28 was right behind us, almost totally empty. Hooray.

So yes - a wonderful day was spent walking around, seeing sights, looking and very pretty and very expensive things, and having some of the best food I've had in almost four months. If anybody else is in the area, Kevin and I do these things every Sunday. We'd love to have you join us if you're in the area, and we love any suggestions for places to go and see. There's still a lot of the city left.
I'm so happy you liked the Sutro Baths. It was one of the first non-touristy unique things I did when I moved here.

And I'd totally join you for a walk some Sunday :)
It was really a great walk and I had NO idea anything like that was in the city! The seagulls were a little gross and disgusting, but the view totally made up for it :)

We'd love to have you come and walk with us! We're finding that just walking this city is the best way to get to know it. If there's any place you haven't been to yet but would love to see, let us know! If you want, you can friend my rommate (he has an LJ too, steuckie). Since we're still new, we may do a lot of touristy type things, but we love good secrets.

Oh! The Haight Ashbury street fair is Sunday, June 10th and we know we're totally going to it!
Schweet :)

Walking this city is a great way to get to know it. I visited SF for a week back in 2002, and my friends worked during the day, so I went on book-guided walking tours alone through, like, Chinatown, and other good spots. It's great fun and great exercise.

I'll try to think of more cool places.
Sounds like fun! There's almost nothing of you left! (But you do look really cute in that hat) Go You!
YOu need to be online! I have things to talk to you about! I NEED MY GIRL CHAT! I NEED MY GIRL CHAT!
you need to wake up earlier! I get home from work at 5am pacific :-P I'm usually* online all morning until 2 or 3 in the afternoon (central time).

*usually, but not guaranteed